Agent Dale Turner

Former NMAB Liaison


Metahuman Mind: Turner is a Class One Metahuman whose brain is hard-wired for logistics and management. This makes him adept at shepherding the NMAB’s limited resources available in New Los Angeles.

Combat Training: As a former Marine and former field agent, Turner is a fully trained fighter.

Metahuman Martial Arts: Turner has received extensive hand-to-hand combat training in anti-superhuman martial arts from his brother The Recluse.


Dale Turner was born to a small family in the late 70’s in Southern California. Both he and his brother Joseph were Class One Metahumans; Joseph’s brain was an organic cross-reference, while Dale’s was an organic spreadsheet.

Both boys excelled in their classes, but otherwise seemed like complete opposites. Dale’s excellence in organization led him to develop good people skills. He was class president and very popular. Dale even became the unofficial coach of the football team, leading his team to an unprecedented number of victories. Meanwhile, his brother Joseph became withdrawn; he saw every little connection there was, and while he was excellent at reading people, he saw them from a cold clinical perspective. He lacked human attachment for all but a few. Despite their differences, the two brothers were thick as thieves. Dale made sure no one in his school hurt a hair on his little brother’s head.

When they graduated, the two pursued very different careers. Joseph became an investigative journalist for the Los Angeles Times, doing ground-breaking undercover work and exposing numerous corruption cases. Meanwhile, Dale joined the Marines, and fought in the Bosnian War. By the time Dale’s y=tour of duty was over and he returned to the States, his home was a very different place. The Rodney King Riots had hit the city while he was away in Bosnia, and part of the city had been walled off to form The Ganglands. What’s more, he found that his little brother was now a prominent vigilante crime-fighter.

Joseph approached Dale about joining his war on crime, but Dale refused. He agreed with his brother that something had to be done, but he didn’t believe into taking the law into his own hands. He thought that working with the system rather than against it was the best way to go.

Ultimately, the two struck a compromise. Dale would help his brother from within; try his best to help as a part of the government while also making the climate more friendly for the non-violent vigilantes like his brother. In exchange, Joseph had to keep his brother appraised of his vigilante activities, and swear to never go off the deep end. If that were to happen, Dale would turn over everything he knew to the government.

The NMAB was happy to get a decorated marine, and Dale was signed up. He initially served as a field agent, but when he showed his aptitude for organizational skills, he was promoted, eventually to the head Liaison for all of New Los Angeles.

In his position, Turner covertly worked with non-violent vigilantes to ensure that the city would remain safe despite the limited manpower of conventional and superhuman law enforcement. He worked extensively with The Recluse and The Archer and their extended networks, and later with The Sentinels as they began to gain prominence.

Agent Turner became a frequent ally of The Sentinels, and even managed to get permission to employ them in an official capacity for Operation Can Opener, a government-backed initiative led by the NMAB to put The Vanguard away once and for all and to dismantle his criminal empire. The push worked. But no one was prepared for what happened afterwards.

The LAPD was slaughtered almost to a man when COIL attacked Vanguard’s holding facility. They captured him and brought him to their main base in the city and tortured him for his genetics knowledge and the secrets of his genius. The Sentinels broke in to rescue him, but they were too late. Vanguard locked himself in the lab and sealed the base, as he activated his dead man’s switch. As his heart gave out, canisters of mutagenic gas were released all over the city, while energy pulses also caused all of the Destreum in the city to explode on a molecular level. Finally, planted explosives blew open the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, letting the inmates go free. The city was devastated, and walls were put up around the city.

Agent Turner was at the NMAB facility when the attack happened, which held several Destreum items among other captured villainous equipment. Agent Turner has been MIA since the attack.

STATUS: Missing

Agent Dale Turner

The New Los Angeles Sentinels Heronator