Big John


Super-Strength: Big John is capable of lifting extraordinary weights. His exact limits are unknown, but he has been seen tossing commuter cars and pick-up trucks with ease.

Super-Tough Skin: Big John’s skin is incredibly durable and resistant to harm, able to easily shrug off bazooka blasts and frag grenades.

Metahuman Physiology: Due to a number of factors, such as producing few fatigue toxins, having an ultra-powered immune system, general resiliency of flesh, and so on, Big John is very resistant to most attacks on his biology or physiology.

Superhuman Regeneration: Big John’s body heals at an abnormally fast rate. The exact limits of his regeneration are unknown, but he has regenerated entire fingers in the past, and the awakening event of his powers regenerated a significant amount of brain matter.

Enhanced Senses: Although Big John does not possess any exotic senses, such as infrared vision, his senses of sight, hearing, and touch are keener than a normal human’s.


Johnny “Little John” Argos was the head of a small-time neighborhood gang in New Los Angeles. He and his boys would make runs in and out of The Ganglands, getting small jobs doing some minor running and courier work. Enough to keep them “employed” and fixed for narcotics.

Johnny was satisfied with his place in the food chain, but his girl Aleta, wasn’t. She was the real brains behind the outfit, and was always pushing Johnny and his boys to try for bigger and better things.

Those better things came knocking one day after a seemingly lucky break. Johnny and his boys had just run a job for Gigavolt, one of the biggest bads in the city. Unfortunately, that job meant playing courier for a little chunk of Razorhawk technology. And Razorhawk did not like that one bit.

He confronted the gangers in their hideout, demanding the gizmo returned to him on threat of death. Seeing an opportunity, Aleta reached into Johnny’s pants and whipped out his glock, shooting her supposed boyfriend point blank in the skull. Impressed with her quick wittedness and savagery, Aleta was given a position in Razorhawk’s organization, where she became Osprey, a member of The Aviary. And if Johnny hadn’t been an unawakened AGM Metahuman, that would be the end of his story.

Moments after Aleta left, Johnny came to, the bullet being pushed out of his skull by his new found regeneration. He surveyed the scene and took stock of the situation. But he wasn’t the same old Johnny anymore. Gone was Johnny, content to be a bottom feeder. In his place was someone new. Someone superhumanly strong and tough with incredible regeneration. Someone cold and heartless. Someone who knew the entire city deserved to be ground underneath his heel. There was no more Little John. Only Big John.

Big John saw only one path open to him. Seeing as his former gangmates were no longer of any use to him, he quickly broke all of their spines. He knew he couldn;t take over by himself; he’d need help. He approached The Bone Daddies, who were impressed with his abilities and his fearlessness. Big John has been with the gang ever since, and is trying to take complete control of the gang. If he ever succeeds, he will undoubtedly set his sights on even bigger things.

STATUS: Active

Big John

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