Marksmanship: Boomslang is a natural marksman, and his skills have only been honed from his years in the Marines and the Storm Korps. He is excellent with firearms of all kinds, both ballistic and energy, and at all ranges.

Hand-to-Hand Training: Boomslang has received basic hand-to-hand combat training from both the Marines and the Storm Korps, making him a more skilled melee fighter than the average strong Metahuman.

Reptilian Physiology: King Cobra’s Coil Gene mingled with Boomslang’s Meta-Genes, granting him more extensive physiological changes than an ordinary COIL convert. He has extended physical enhancements to nearly every aspect of his physiology, and he possesses a pair of venomous fangs.

Enhanced Combat Armor: Boomslang wears a higher quality version of COIL’s body armor, affording him additional protection.

COIL Helmet: Boomslang’s helmet has a number of additional features, such as a radio communications system, a nightvision filter, optical and acoustic shielding, and a self-contained oxygen supply.

VRG-5X Mini-Railguns: One on each arm, these designs were deemed impractical by the Storm Korps for use by their agents, even those with the enhanced strength necessary to properly wield them. Krait acquired the designs and COIL weaponeers fixed several flaws, allowing Boomslang to wield a pair of them. The weapons launch several types of ammunition; armor piercing rounds, stun rounds, bolo rounds, and flash rounds.

Power Armor (Former): Boomslang previously wore a modified suit of Korpsman Power Armor that was similar in appearance to his current uniform. However, the suit sustained a lot of damage in the fight against The Sentinels in the lead-up to Vanguard’s final attack against the city, and The Red Cobra Gang has lacked the resources to repair it, thus forcing Boomslang to swap to the modified uniform.


Zeke Hamilton, a former US Marine who was dishonorably discharged for insubordination. He was recruited by the Storm Korps and trained as an expert sniper, but his insubordination problems continued. Dr. Blank sent out an internal call for subjects for genetic experimentation at Projeckt: Stein (secretly for Blank’s Coil Gene research). Hamilton became Boomslang, and handles much of the battle plannings, tactics, and similar operations within COIL. Boomslang wears a suit of modified COIL body armor with attached mini-railguns. The Coil Gene affected Boomslang more dramatically than most, giving him a highly advanced physiology, effectively transforming him from a normal human to a full Metahuman.

Boomslang was one of several top COIL agents dispatched to New Los Angeles following the defeat of The Vanguard at the hands of The Sentinels. With Vanguard in LAPD custody, King Cobra saw an opportunity to steal his rival’s secret genetics knowledge, wiping out the LAPD in a frontal assault and capturing Vanguard in COIL’s most secure New LA base. After The Sentinels fought their way through the base, Vanguard unleashed his final attack on the city, including breaking the genetic programming of all COIL Agents in the city. Boomslang was one of the ones affected, and has become a leader of the Red Cobra Gang, along with fellow Inner Circle member Slither.

STATUS: Active


The New Los Angeles Sentinels Heronator