White Supremicist Pyrokinetic


Enhanced Body: Burner’s mystical powers grant him superhuman strength and durability.

Azure Flame Projection: Burner has a number of abilities that stem from his ability to project the Azure Flame, a blue mystical fire that originates from a mystical wellspring in Culbron’s realm.

  • Fiery Blasts: Burner can sling blasts of flame at his opponents. He can use these blasts to hit either a single opponent or fill up a burst area with mystic flames.
  • Heat Flash: Burner can create a flash of blinding blue light with his flames.
  • Fiery Aura: Burner can cause the ghostly blue flames to lap across his skin, burning anyone who comes into contact with him.
  • Fire Flight: Burner can use his blue flames to carry him aloft, leaving a decaying fiery trail behind him.
  • Pyrokinesis: Burner’s power extends to earthly flames as well. Burner can cause existing flames to spread at his command.

Daniel Erdmann and his brother Ryan loved and honored their family. They raised the brothers right and taught them the truth that the government, the schools, and the liberal media refused to show. Their family taught Daniel and Ryan about the destiny of the white race and how the bleeding hearts wanted to convince everyone that all people are equal, even when that obviously wasn’t true. Weren’t the slums full of blacks and Hispanics? Why would they be there if they weren’t as stupid as his father said? Wasn’t AIDS killing the queers? Why would they be dying if not because they were so hopelessly perverted? The Jews controlled the banks and influenced the media, making it look like Hitler was the villain when trying to exterminate the mongrel races was about the only thing he did right.

Daniel and Ryan grew up hating everyone who wasn’t like them. Indoctrinated from a young age, the two boys were taught to hate everyone who was not a white protestant, including Metahumans. Sins in the eyes of God, their father taught them. Those filthy genetic freaks were worse than the Jews.

As an adult, Daniel ended up working as a security guard in a department store. Although his brother Ryan joined up with The Aryan Brotherhood, Daniel didn’t have the stomach for such violence. It was one thing to preach about the evils of other kinds of people, but it was another to have to shoot them between the eyes.

Daniel was fired from his job after he repeatedly accosted a black patron. Daniel got very drunk that night, staggering about the city streets. The city was just like everywhere else – run by the mongrel races and with no place for a real man.

As he wandered the city, Daniel was approached by a stranger, a man in a business suit who called himself Edgar Kapila. He made Daniel an offer; in exchange for doing some work for him, Kapila would give Daniel the power to change the world for the better. Daniel, still in a half-drunken stupor, immediately accepted. As he shook the man’s hand, he passed out in the street.

Daniel awoke the next day in his bedroom to the smell of smoke. His whole bed was engulfed in blue flames! He panicked for a moment, until he saw that the fire didn’t hurt him, and he could even control it. Before long, Kapila contacted him, telling him he was needed. Christening himself Burner, Daniel became a loyal minion of Kahlir.

Daniel’s brother Ryan is another member of their super-villain group, The Aryan Demonhood, although relations between the two have gone cold since Daniel was unwilling to join the Brotherhood and fight for white supremacy before he had any super-powers. He is also distrustful of Whitesnake, as his newfound powers are Metahuman in origin.

Burner was defeated after the Demonhood aided the efforts of Morgoth Coark, and was imprisoned in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Like many Twin Towers convicts, he escaped when Vanguard’s “kill switch” destroyed the facility. Burner has retained his fiery powers, as he has become one of the vessels for the fledgling remains of Kahlir’s shattered and scattered essence.

STATUS: Active


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