Daimonic Physiology: As a demon, Cassius is naturally stronger, faster, tougher, more durable, heals faster, etc. than a human.

Wings: Cassius possesses a large pair of bat-like wings sprouting from his back, allowing him to fly.

Serpent-Arm: Cassius’ right arm is a venomous serpent instead of a regular forelimb. The serpent’s fangs contain a potent venom that attack the muscles of living things, causing them to weaken and stiffen, causing a loss of strength and eventually paralysis. The serpent is also able to wrap around foes and constrict them. Cassius can also see, hear, and taste through the serpent’s head, making him difficult to hamper with sensory-based effects. The serpent is under Cassius’ control and not free-willed, but it does have a tendency to move, writhe, and hiss under its own accord, and will sometimes lash out against Cassius’ conscious (but not unconscious) will.

Spellcasting: Like many demons, Cassius is capable of casting spells, just like human mages. Cassius is a skilled, but not superb, caster, and favors direct and unsubtle spells.

Power Of The Station: As an Archduke of Culbron, a portion of his master’s power infuses him. This allows him to command lesser demons who follow Culbron, and allows him to manipulate the mystical demonic energies that infuse Culbron’s realm. This manipulation often, but not always, takes the form of supernatural fire.


The Twelfth Archduke of Culbron, The Prince Of Honest Lies, Cassius has always been an extremely loyal demon. He was born after the days of The Great Sundering and The Proclamation Of Sin’s Sovereignty, and thus knew nothing of the ancient days of demonic betrayal and geopolitical self-destruction, except what he was taught of history.

Cassius was considered handicapped by his fellows due to one of his mutations; his right arm takes the form of a cobra, ending in a cobra’s head instead of a hand. Due to the limited manipulative capacity of this limb, Cassius was considered to be one-handed. Despite this setback, he excelled wherever he could, and became a professional Beast-Slayer (A profession that falls somewhere between pest control/exterminator and soldier, given the nature of some of the fauna and flora that exists within the Hellspheres).

Cassius was extremely skilled in his profession, and was added as a part of a security detail set to protect Culbron when he was on a political appearance to a small settlement in the outskirts of his realm. During the visit, a wild Spined Gutterwrack lept at the demon lord, half-crazed from hunger. Cassius rushed to his charge’s safety, wrestling the daimonbeast to the ground and subduing it with the venom of his serpent-hand.

Culbron was in no real danger, of course. His prodigious arcane abilities could have easily smote the beast, but he preferred to keep the true extent of his abilities secret, just in case. Even beyond that, this young demon’s willingness to throw himself in harm’s way to uphold his professional oath impressed Culbron. He offered Cassius a position within his leading heirarchy, which Cassius accepted. Beginning as the 31st Archduke, Cassius’ dedication to the job and to his lord led to constant promotions, all the way to his current position as Twelfth Archduke.

Cassius faithfully serves Culbron in any way that he can, and always follows his orders precisely and without complaint. Most prominently, this meant spending a period of time possessing the body of Tricky Dick as a part of Culbron’s offensive against Kyros. Later, Cassius was the one dispatched by Culbron to drag Kyros back to Culbron’s Hellsphere.

Culbron’s serpent-arm was severed by Kyros during the vampire-mage’s escape from Culbron’s Hellsphere. As a demon of significant physical and magical power, this is hardly a permanent state, and the arm has been slowly regenerating.

STATUS: Active


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