The Two-Faced Master of Life and Death


Dimensional Biology: Charon’s body contains portals to The Void and dimension of pure Bio Energy. These naturally opposed forces form a sort of unstable equilibrium, with each aspect becoming momentarily dominant, but never entirely overwhelming the other. Charon can change which aspect is dominant at will, granting him two very different suites of superpowers depending on which side is active.

Life Form: By allowing his bio energy form to become dominant, Charon can assume a support-oriented “Life Form”. In this form, Charon resembles an idealized version of Jacob Cooper, always appearing in peak physical condition. His eyes glow a deep red, as his body begins to crackle with Bio Energy

  • Healing Powers: In Life Form, Charon becomes one of the most effective metahuman healers on the planet. By focusing his limitless reserves of bio energy on a patient, Charon can heal injuries, cure mundane diseases and poisons, and even regrow limbs and organs. Charon cannot direct these powers inward, though the large amount of bio energy infused into his body caused him to regenerate from injury at a highly accelerated rate.
  • Energy Blasts: Charon’s energy powers can harm as well as hear, allowing him to strike foes with semi-concussive blasts.
  • Energy Flight: Charon can use his mastery of Bio-Energy to fly at low speeds.
  • Energy Shield: Charon constantly projects a thin aura of bio energy over his form, protecting him from harm.
  • Enhanced Physiology: In life form, Charon has enhanced strength and stamina. In addition, he has no need to sleep.
  • Submersion – Delusions of Grandeur: If Charon spends an extended amount of time in life form, his wide-sweeping energy powers begin to distort his thinking. He begins to grow more arrogant, eventually seeing himself as a god. Only by switching to his Death Form can Charon rid himself of these delusions. Unlike the submersion caused by his Death Form, the source of these delusions is unclear. It is highly possible they are simply psychological: an explanation Charon is loath to accept.

Death Form: By allowing the void within him to take dominance, Charon can take on many of the aspects of the undead. His skin withers, giving him a mummified appearance, as a shadow black aura surrounds him. Most unnervingly, his eyes become solid black, hollow voids that seem to eat the very light itself.

  • Undead Might: While Charon has enhanced strength in Life Form, his Death Form is entirely superhuman, allowing him to lift several tons with some effort. He can also leap prodigious distances, and his physical blows carry considerable force.
  • Dulled Biology: In Death Form, Charon’s biological processes are slowed to a halt. Poisons are not processed, diseases simply wither and die, and any biological damage is simply ignored, only to be regenerated when he returns to Life Form.
  • Void Powers: Charon can infuse his blows with the power of the void. In theory, he could exhibit mastery over the Void similar to that he exhibits over Bio Energy, but the inherent danger of its Anti-Energy makes him loathe to experiment with his powers.
  • Submersion – Hunger of the Void: If Charon remains in death form for too long, the power of the void causes him to exhibit many of the less desirable traits of the undead. He becomes more violent, with his attacks becoming more brutal. At its peak, he becomes overwhelmed with the desire to consume human flesh. Switching to Life Form restores him to his right mind.

Field Medic: Charon was attending medical school and working as an EMT before Vanguard’s attack. While working in Freetown, his formal medical training was interrupted in favor of the more basic training required to serve as a medic in Freetown. Even without his powers, Charon is a capable medic.


Jacob Cooper has dedicated his existence to helping others. Having lost his mother during the Rodney King Riots, he is well aware the pain and strife that plagues his city. His father, NLAPD Sgt. Isaac Cooper, would often call him an idealist or a fool, but Jake would not be deterred.

Working as an EMT to pay his way through med school, Jake was one of first medics on the scene when COIL attacked NLAPD HQ, when he first received news his father had been killed.

He and several other Cedar-Sinai workers struggled to evacuate the patients as Vanguard’s gas ravaged the city.

During his time in Freetown, Jake Cooper has seen hundreds of people die, and fought to protect hundreds more.

But even then, Jacob Cooper would not be deterred, even in the face of death. It was this quality that led Half-Life to select him to represent the aspect of Life for his ritual.

Even when the Sentinels burst in to save him, Jake refused to be rescued until everyone else had been saved, a decision which ultimately placed him in the villains clutches. Jake was the one who plunged the artifact that would save Tyrone Lockhorne into the monster’s chest, but at a terrible cost. In his final act, Half-Life plunged his undead hand into the medic’s chest.

If it had not been for an unforeseen genetic quirk, Jacob Cooper would have died that day. Instead, Jacob Cooper’s biology underwent a radical change, echoing that of the man who nearly killed him.

Upon recovering from his SURGE induced coma, the newly empowered Jake Cooper took on the code name “Charon” and joined the Sentinels, using his powers to defend the people of Freetown!

…Except the Sentinels weren’t quite the shining ideal of heroism that he had hoped for. In a situation plagued with arrogance, cruelty to foes, and outright racism in some cases, Charon has frequently and openly criticized his teammate’s more questionable actions.

When the Walls came down, Charon was one of the first vigilantes to join Parker’s initiative to unite the heroes of New LA, forming a rift between himself and his staunchly Anti-Registration teammates. Caught between Parker’s hardline registration stance and the Sentinel’s Anti-Parker stance, can Jake Cooper continue to pursue his heroic ideal?

Caperater: 7/10
Review Summation: Heroic actions and personality mesh well with the public. SURGE status unknown to general public. Use of void form creates some public unease. Large vocal minority constantly rails against him for ‘wasting his powers’ fighting crime when he ‘should’ be in hospitals healing people.


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