Children of Judas Betrayer


Hellfire-Enhanced Magic: Once an unskilled rote spellcaster, Cinderburn has drastically increased his power by regularly taking the drug Hellfire. It has granted his vastly increased spellcasting prowess, and he has developed a penchant for several fields of magic.

  • Hellfire Blasts: In various shapes and sizes and with various properties, Cinderburn can throw fireballs of arcane flame drawn directly from a Hellsphere.
  • Nether-Portals: Cinderburn can open miniature portals to the Netherworld, to temporarily entrap foes, call forth shadow-entities, let loose draining shadows, or teleport.
  • Psychic Fear: Cinderburn can draw upon the primal psychic essence of fear to make his foes cower, directly attack their mind, or cause them to hallucinate.
  • Demonic Chains: Cinderburn can call upon burning demonic chains to lash or entrap his foes, temporarily enthrall them, or bind a demon into his service.
  • The Azure Flame: Cinderburn can call upon The Azure Flame, a font of mystic power in Culbron’s Hellsphere, to protect himself from harm, scorch others, burn away magic, control existing flames, or coating himself in immolated blue flame.
  • Slithering Spells: Cinderburn has learned several serpent-related spells, such as the ability to deliver venom with a touch, control existing serpents, or summon magical snakes from the Spirit World.

Cinderburn is the newest and weakest Betrayer in New Los Angeles. Promoted from within rather than earning a spot based on outside action and reputation, Cinderburn began as a member of Ursis’ revitalized Children, as a lowly Initiate. After two years of cutthroat competition within the gang and some exemplary performances during The Riots, Cinderburn earned himself a spot as a Fallen. However, he didn’t like the idea of replacing part of his life force with magical power for promotion into The Daemon, so he stayed as a middle tier gang sub-leader for a long time, working first for Hellscorcher and then Strong Man.

Eventually, he had had enough. He spoke directly with Ursis about his concerns.

“I’ve been your faithful follower for years! I have done everything you’ve ever asked of me, without question! I’ve burned, I’ve stolen, I’ve murdered, and yet I get less respect than some idiot who has only been a Fallen for two months and then takes body warping drugs or subjects himself to a dangerous ritual!”

Ursis looked upon his follower with the casual dismissal of a father speaking to an ignorant child, “Precisely. You have no problem sacrificing others for your own gain, and that is good. An admirable quality. But you are unwilling to sacrifice a part of yourself in exchange for power. That is why you are still a mortal among super-beings, and that is why you shall stay as one. Unless your lust for power transcends your desire to cling to your own humanity, you shall never achieve all that you are capable of.”

Since that conversation, Cinderburn has begun taking Hellfire, a magical drug distilled from the blood of demons that imbues the user with demonic magic. His grasp on magic has thoroughly tightened, enough that Ursis has decided to promote him as his newest Betrayer. Although his grip on his sanity is slowly slipping through his fingers, Cinderburn is determined to prove his power and worth to the rest of his gang, and to all of New Los Angeles.

Cinderburn is not a learned spellcaster; without his Hellfire use, he would be able to cast only a handful of core spells through rote memorization. However, the drugs have made him a talented conjurer; he calls up substance from nothing, calling upon extra-dimensional energy to construct his spells. He calls up blasts of scorching hellfire, entraps foes with the primal psychic essence of fear, weaves webs of life-draining shadows, and other such suitably sinister substances and spells.

STATUS: Active


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