Clayton Grissett


Nosferatu Serum: Clayton was treated with the genetic serums of Projeckt Nosferatu, turning him into a dangerous super-soldier. These genetic serums have given him a number of superhuman capabilities:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Talons: Clayton’s fingers end in razor sharp talons that he is proficient in using as natural weapons.
  • Enhanced Senses: Clayton’s senses are particularly keen. His hearing is sharp enough to target opponents, and he can hear pitches above and below human hearing ranges. He can see farther in low-light conditions that humans, and he can see in the dark, and he can detect and identify individuals by scent, as well as track them.
  • Enhanced Regeneration: Clayton’s body recovers from wounds at a superhuman rate, but this power ceases if his blood is exposed to silver. The silver reacts with certain biochemicals in his blood, that renders his regeneration inert and turns the silver into silver ions. Some time after exposure, the effect wears off and regeneration resumes.
  • Enhanced Speed: Clayton is physically and mentally quick, able to move around at fast speeds with great agility. He can run at a normal pace of about 100 MPH, and push himself to far greater speeds.
  • Self-Sustaining Biology: Clayton does not need to sleep, eat, or breathe as normal humans do. All aspects of his biology can be sustained and replenished purely through the consumption of blood, which he is able to do through his fangs. His cells age at such a slow rate that he is effectively immortal, and he is immune to many forms of hostile environments.

Trained Combatant: In addition to his Nosferatu abilities, Clayton spent years in the Storm Korps’ combat specialist divisions, including the superhuman combat specialists The Cape Killers. As such, he is a highly trained and capable fighter.


Lieutenant Clayton Grissett was born in a small town in Alabama. His parents were poor, and he helped his uncle cook meth to support the family. After numerous charges and several stints in juvie, Clayton was tried as an adult. Spending his formative teenage years in the american prison system, Clayton became a complete sociopath, and racked up several kills in prison before he turned 18. Clayton was finally released at the ripe age of 27, and due to his prison record, he was plucked up by a Storm Korps recruiter. Grissett took to the villainous life like it was his second nature. He rose through the ranks of the combat specialists, earning each and every promotion through copious bloodshed. Even for a Korpsman, he earned a history and reputation for cold bloodedness and brutal efficiency in combat. He eventually joined the ranks of the superhuman combat specialists, the Cape Killers, and he was commended by his Kommandants numerous times for his ability to “torch spandex”.

But Clayton wanted more. He didn;t just want the latest toys and tactics for fighting superhumans, he wanted REAL power. Given his position, the Amalgamated Science Divisions honored his request, and gave him carte blanche to go in for whatever power treatment he wanted and had the genetic background for. One in particular caught his eye, one that would make his bloodlust more literal. He was immediately transferred to Projeckt Nosferatu and underwent Dr. Prockofijiev’s genetic treatment.

Not long after the transformation was complete, Clayton was assigned to hunt down the traitorous Raddik, who had defected to the banner of The Destroyer. He was smuggled into the city just in time for it to be quarentined and walled in. Emerging from his transport, he was hungry. And with no base resources to provide him a steady stream of food, he decided to feast upon his former comrades.

Clayton is now a rogue element of The Korps, like all that were abandoned inside the Walled City. The Korps MO was simple; all vital assets were evacuated, the rest were written off. Clayton knows this and, knowing that he would eventually be hunted down and eliminated by his former organization, decided to take to his new role, draining his former comrades and taking to the streets.

Clayton is a complete, unremorseful psychopath. His harsh upbringing in prison has hardened him, and his transformation into a Nosferatu soldier even more so. He no longer thinks of himself as human, seeing others as mere prey to toy with.

After tracking him down after a string of feedings, The Sentinels defeated Clayton, and imprisoned him within the holding cells in the remnants of their base. Like many his fellow prisoners in this makeshift prison, he escaped due to the poor security of the makeshift prison, and disappeared in the aftermath of The Battle For Citizen’s Hall.

Sometime later, Grissett re-surfaced, still operating in the city. He had stayed hidden for months, away from the watchful eye of the Sentinels, but his bloodlust eventually got the better of him, and he embarked on a spree of bloody murders and exsanguinations. The Pumpkin King used the case as an opportunity to test a device he had invented, a device that tracked psychic impressions to their originating source. Mind’s Eye combined the device with his object reading to let the device on Grissett, which fired a homing dart filled with a paralytic toxin that incapacitated him.

Grissett was then placed in police custody, where he remained until he was put on a high security transport to a holding facility where he would await trial. The transport was assaulted by the Storm Korps, who wanted to make an example of Grissett for going rogue. The transport was blown up, and Grissett’s death has been assumed, but not confirmed.

STATUS: Dead (Comic Book)

Clayton Grissett

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