Commander Bondarenko


COIL Enhancements: Thanks to exposure to the Coil Gene Touch, Bondarenko’s physical attributes were all mildly enhanced.

Grafted Battlesuit: Commander Bondarenko sank a majority of his available funds into a high-tech battlesuit that has been directly grafted to his skin and spliced into his nervous system. This makes it impossible to remove except surgically, and allows him to react with the suit as if he possessed inborn super-powers:

  • Super Strength
  • Super Endurance
  • Super Durability
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Hand-Eye Co-Ordination
  • Flight
  • Distributed Computing: The suit contained computerized circuit fibers, making it to act as an extension of Bondarenko’s nervous system and brain, which gave him a heightened ability to process information and multi-task.
  • Sensory Augments: Bondarenko’s sensory technology both makes his existing senses more acute and grants him new, exotic senses (hyperspectral vision, various energy scanners, and sonar/echolocation among them).
  • Forceweave Enhancement: In addition to the biological durability the suit grants him, phasic generators in the suit’s circuitized cloth create a force sheath that further increases his ability to take damage.
  • Venom Blasts: The grafted battlesuit possesses micro-generators based on the same technology COIL uses for their Venom Rifles, allowing him to blast and project that same energy in various forms.

Commander Bondarenko is the head of COIL’s sole Symkarian base. In absence of direct orders from King Cobra, Bondarenko decided to try and please his lord by taking out the biggest thorn in King Cobra’s side; The Sentinels. He levereged most of the financial resources of his cell to paying the hefty fees of Black Bart and his crew.

After Black Bart and his crew were paid off by The Archer, Bondarenko sank the rest of his funds into personal enhancements and armaments. As a direct result, he squelched on the required confidentiality payment to Black Bart’s crew, and as such, they gave away his identity to The Sentinels.

After failing to defeat The Sentinels, Bondarenko was captured. He managed to escape Symkarian authorities before his battlesuit was disabled. He reported to King Cobra in disgrace. For his failure, waste of COIL resources, and independent thinking, he was summarily executed.

STATUS: Dead (Real)

Commander Bondarenko

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