Commander Fenrik


Military Training: Fenrik has been trained both by the Royal Norwegian Navy and by COIL. As such, he has received extensive training in combat techniques, both armed and unarmed, and is well versed in military skills, including both small and large unit tactics and military logistics.

Coil Gene Enhancements: King Cobra’s Coil Gene Touch had granted Fenrik a host of small physical and genetic enhancements, primarily geared towards making his physiology more combat capable, but also granting some reptilian traits such as scaly skin and venomous fangs.

CB-V5 “Kaliya” Venom Multi-Rifle: The CB-V5 is one of COIL’s most advanced blaster rifles, combining systems of several other energy rifles into one sleek design. It is no more bulky than an ordinary Venom Rifle, but contains the functionality of its predecessors. It has settings for a standard Venom Rifle energy blast, an autofire setting, an armor piercing setting, and can discharge like a Tangler Rifle or a Thunderclap Rifle.

COIL Armored Uniform: Fenrik wears the armored uniform of a COIL Officer.


Second Lieutenant Fredrik Kristoffer of the Royal Norwegian Navy was leading a small strike team sent to investigate some unusual activity in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. However, they bit off more than they could chew when they discovered that the activity was a platoon of COIL Soldiers being led by Gorgon. COIL was in the area investigating the possibility of a mystical artifact tied to Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent of Norse mythology.

Fredrik and his men fought as hard as they could, but they were no match for trained COIL soldiers or for Gorgon. Fredrik was taken alive, and brought back to King Cobra as a consolation prize after the artifact search team came up empty-handed.

Fredrik was turned into a COIL Agent; an infiltrator, and placed back into his previous position within the Royal Norwegian Navy. He acted as COIL’s inside man there for several years, until a team of Norwegian superheroes uncovered his true loyalties while investigating COIL operations.

King Cobra pulled him out before he was captured, and so he decided he could find another use for him. Giving him the code name of Commander Fenrik (Fenrik being another name for his rank), he decided to put his tactical military mind to use. King Cobra placed Fenrik in charge of all COIL Operations within New Los Angeles, which had gained a lot of King Cobra’s attention due to the presence of Vanguard.

Fenrik led COIL Operations within the city to the best of his ability, brushing against the super-team The Sentinels on several different occasions. He commanded the base where Vanguard was kept after the aging super-villain was captured by COIL, and as such he was at ground zero for one of the gas attacks. Fenrik’s genetic loyalty to COIL was broken, but he did not forget everything he had done under King Cobra’s influence. Stranded so far from his beloved homeland, having committed crime upon crime, Fenrik has decided that redemption and return to his old life are beyond him, and he has decided to remain an outlaw. As such, Fenrik is a part of The Red Cobra Gang.

STATUS: Active

Commander Fenrik

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