Commander Greene

Former Bughunter and Street-level Mercenary


Combat Skill: Commander Greene is a trained mercenary, knowledgeable in the the use of many different kinds of weapons and proficient with small unit tactics.

DM-22 Intangibility Toggle: A handheld device the size of a large lighter, the DM-22 Intangibility Toggle creates an energy field that renders the holder intangible. Commander Greene was given the device by Doctor Destroyer.

Destreum-Fiber Body Armor: Commander Greene wears a uniform that looks similar to his old Bughunter uniform (with Destroyer designs layered on) made out of Destreum-fiber.

Bughunter Tech (Former): Commander Greene used to possess a small arsenal of Bughunter technology, designed specifically to take on Professor Annelid’s creations. Following the dissolution of the Bughunters, this technology was sold at discount to The Warmongers.


Commander Greene was one of several mercenary captains of The Bughunters, an organization that offered pay-for protection against Professor Annelid’s monstrosities when they roamed the Ganglands. With the complete rebuilding of New Los Angeles, and Annelid’s monsters driven into The Tunnels, The Bughunters found themselves out of work, and they drifted into a variety of other work.

Commander Greene has kept a few of his men loyal to him, and together they operate as mercenaries and criminals for hire. He is unhappy with his current position, and longs for the days of his higher mercenary pay fighting bug monsters.

Commander Greene has also lost a sizeable portion of his Bughunter arsenal, as most of the advanced techno-weapons he and his men once possessed were sold off to The Warmongers at various points when money got tight.

Greene’s history before the bughunters is unknown.

Commander Greene is also a former disciple of Doctor Destroyer, having fallen prey to his cult of personality. Greene escaped the destruction of Destroyer’s weapons production facility with an intangibility device.

STATUS: Active

Commander Greene

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