The Prince Of Honest Lies


Demon Prince: Culbron is a demon prince, and controls vast stores of arcane energies. His power is vast, but not unlimited.

Material Wealth: Culbron controls a vast wealth of resources and followers, both directly through the resources and minions within his home realm and indirectly through his corporation on Earth.


During the ancient days of the world of the demons, after The Great Sundering tore their world apart into a number of distinct floating fiefdoms, the most powerful and influential of the demons met together on neutral ground, striking The Proclamation Of Sin’s Sovereignty, declaring that each demon prince or princess had undisputed sovereignty over their own Hellsphere, to prevent the demons from constantly warring among themselves, and establishing clear heirarchies among the demonic inhabitants of a single Hellsphere.

Culbron was one of the original signers of the Proclamation, and was admitted to the Princely Court as The Prince Of Honest Lies. Culbron makes all contracts in honest terms and good faith, being clear and upfront about the terms of his agreements. However, this does not in any way mean these contracts are fair; simply honest.

Culbron has been an active agent in human affairs since the days of the Roman Empire. While he originally dealt in the trade and accumulation of individual servants, favors, and cults, he soon found that dealing in physical wealth, earthly money, and material resources netted him much more power and influence over mortal affairs. Since then, he has become a consummate businessman, binding others into servitude not through direct contracts but through his extended business dealings, shuffling his earthly assets around every few decades, cycling through human identites to avoid arousing suspicion. Through his various human guises, Culbron owns half a dozen smaller multinational conglomorates outright and is the majority shareholder in several dozen more.

Culbron began to take a particular interest in New Los Angeles when a particular mortal named Kyros made the mistake of summoning demons from his realm for harvesting to make Hellfire in a bid to gain control of the city through drugs. Culbron ordered his Twelfth Archduke, Cassius, to take care of the problem by taking over a city gang leader named Tricky Dick, who was susceptible to possession, and begin to push back against Kyros’ growing Hellfire cartel. To this end, Culbron allowed Cassius to take donated blood from willing servants of Culbron to make competing product. The rival cartels eventually culminated in a fight between Cassius and Kyros, in which Kyros was defeated and Cassius banished from Tricky Dick’s body.

Culbron was not entirely pleased. This impudent vampire mage was still walking after taking those he was responsible for, and gutting them to turn their corpses into drugs. He ordered Cassius to return to Earth to capture Kyros and return him to Culbron’s realm in order to extract vengeance.

Cassius did as he was ordered to do, dragging the vampire back to Culbron’s realm by force. There he was imprisoned for several weeks, until he made a deal with the treacherous Kahlir behind Culbron’s back. The traitorous Arckduke set Kyros free, who then made his own way back to Earth.

In the wake of these events, Culbron met with the super-team The Sentinels for the first time, and began a semi-cordial working relationship with them. Culbron respected the superheroes as powerful mortals able to effect change, as well as agents of order and stability; things that are very good for Culbron’s business dealings.

Eventually, The Sentinels would call upon Culbron’s help when Subject Six escaped from the underground prison lab he had been abandoned in. The Sentinels, along with all the major power players of New Los Angeles, called upon Culbron to lend his magical might to send Subject Six somewhere else, to exile him to another dimension. Culbron chose to imprison the invulnerable, invincible, immortal Metahuman in the Netherworld. In exchange, Culbron got a favor out of all signatory parties, giving him significant control over the fate of the city.

Then things turned sour. Kahlir made his treachery known, and made an open bid for rulership of Culbron’s realm, sparking a civil war. Culbron and Kahlir fought both in the Hellsphere and on Earth, where in their human guises the two demons moved human and corporate assets like chess pieces. Culbron gave information to The Sentinels on several occasions to allow them to directly intervene against Kahlir’s plots.

When Kyros finally turned on his supposed ally, Culbron moved in for the kill. After the dust had settled after the summoning of Yith-Thirak, Culbron dragged Kahlir back to his realm. In front of Kahlir’s mate, his spawn, and all of his followers, he viciously tore his heart from his chest, consuming it in a spectacle of bloody gore, then ordering all those captured witnesses killed, purging his ranks of those loyal to the Keeper Of The Azure Flame. Satisfied that the traitors were now gone from his ranks, The Prince Of Honest Lies turned his gaze back to New Los Angeles once more.

STATUS: Active


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