David Thorne


Insidi Family Connections: As a member of one of the Ten Families, David Thorne has a good amount of political, economic, and criminal pull in the New Los Angeles area, able to call in favors.

VB-A4 “Jackhammer” Blaster Rifle: A prize possession of David’s bought through his underworld connections, the VB-A4 “Jackhammer” Blaster Rifle is an energy rifle of Storm Korps design, and is one of their heavier standard energy rifles. David has spent a good amount of time on the firing range with the weapon, and is actually quite a good and steady shot with it.

Combat Training: David spent some time in the Army before he was inducted into the family, and thus has some basic combat training, both with weapons and unarmed.


David Thorne is a member of the Thorne crime family, one of the Ten Families in New Los Angeles, and a nephew to Rupert Thorne, the family’s current head. David owns Thorne Shipping and Storage, a local business that does, as the name suggests, shipping and storage, primarily for big box stores in the Southern California area. The business also serves as a front for Insidi Family smuggling operations.

The Sentinels have met David Thorne on a couple of occasions, and have frequently had super-battles in one of his warehouses, as Thorne often rents or leases space to super-villains.

David Thorne was left behind when the Ten Families withdrew operations from the city as the Walls went up. He believes that he was left behind on accident, but whether or not this is true remains to be seen.

STATUS: Active

David Thorne

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