Crackshot: Dead-Eye is a trained marksman, with years of shooting experience under his belt.

Cybernetics: Dead-Eye’s cybernetic augmentations increase his reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination to superhuman levels, while also generally increasing his capacity to withstand pain and damage.

Trenchcoat: Like all Trenchers, Dead-Eye wears an armorweave trenchcoat.

Arsenal: Dead-Eye typically carries several enhanced firearms on his person, such as electrochemical pistols or a collapsable shotgun.


Tom Morrison always loved gunslingers. From spaghetti westerns to action movies, he thought there was nothing cooler than the lone man against the world with a pistol in each hand. It was all better than his life in a run down tenement in south central Los Angeles.

He learned how to fire a gun before he graduated elementary school, and by the time he was in high school, he could hit a bullseye at five hundred yards. His reputation led him to getting recruited by certain unsavory elements of the street. He was courted by the Bertinelli crime family, and was hired on as their youngest sniper ever. Tom swallowed his issues and moral qualms for the thought of a better life for him and his family.

Unfortunately, not everything was harmonious in the Morrison household. His father turned to drinking, ashamed that his son had become the family’s primary breadwinner. One night, after drinking far too much, he beat his son half to death with an empty bottle of whiskey, before shooting himself with a shotgun.

Numerous bone fractures in his hands and his spine would rob Tom of his aim, and his right eye had become dislocated and misshapen from the beating. He was no use as a sniper anymore; he would never fire a gun again.

Except that The Bertinellis stepped in. Franco Bertinelli, patriarch of the Bertinelli crime family, bankrolled a series of cybernetic treatments to replace Tom’s damaged flesh and enhance his killing capability.

Not soon after Tom had recovered, The Riots hit the city. With everything thrown into disarray, Tom disappeared from the underworld clinic he was in and melded into the chaos of the city. Tom’s experiences had left him cast a bit adrift and with a bit of a nihilistic streak, leading him to gather a group of like-minded sharpshooters to found The Trenchers, a local mercenary group who styled themselves after Tom’s old heroes. Taking the name Dead-Eye, The Trenchers began to carve out a name for themselves, working for The Warmongers in exchange for equipment and hiring themselves out to anyone who could pay.

Dead-Eye himself was hired to take out the Sentinel Snipezor as a part of the Tournament Of The Hand set up by Vanguard to replace the then-incarcerated Hand in his organization. Seeing the heroism of The Sentinels re-kindled some of Dead-Eye’s faith in humanity, and he would go on to aid The Sentinels on several other occasions.

Dead-Eye gave his life to the city during the Gas Riots. Snipezor and Acumen made him a temporary Sentinel, as they all worked together to evacuate the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Dead-Eye held off waves of Gas Rioters, ensuring that Snipezor and Acumen could finish the evacuation and escape. He was eventually overcome by the mob of insane civilians. The Trenchers gang broke up and dispersed after his death.

STATUS: Dead (Comic Book)


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