Doctor Giggles


Super-Strength: Thanks to gas exposure, Doctor Giggles has gained low level super-strength.

Super-Toughness: Thanks to gas exposure, Doctor Giggles’ skin has become super-resistant to injury.

Nitrous Generation: As a result of his gas-induced mutations, Doctor Giggles’ body naturally produces Nitrous Oxide. He can project the gas to make his foes become wracked with chemical laughter, provide anaesthetic to his team mates, and to boost existing flames.


Doctor Giggles is a former Drake, and an expert drug chemist. He worked in a Drake basement lab, cranking out bargain-priced narcotics like the rest of the gang.

One day, he was hired by Tricky Dick for a job. He needed a chemical explosive, something that would resist being put out, but would have a hotter and longer burn than thermite. The nameless Drake whipped up a chemical concoction, and was ready to hand it off to Dick, until he was contacted by a second party. The Crimson Crushers had learned about Dick’s request, and Ivan Red paid the chemist a large sum of cash to sabotage the mixture, foiling the plans of The Halloweeners.

Tricky Dick was not laughing when he discovered that his explosives did nothing. He uncovered the Drake’s treachery, and hunted him down. He blew up his chemical lab and hid him in a gang hideout, and tortured him for days, slowly twisting and breaking his mind.

When Tricky Dick was finally finished, Doctor Giggles was born, the newest member of The Halloweeners. Ever since his mind was snapped and he was given his new persona, he has taken to downing pain killers and huffing laughing gas, to dull the pain of his chemical burns and torture scars.

Doctor Giggles was one of many villains to escape from the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. During The Walls, Doctor Giggles was exposed to the gas, giving him some gas-induced Metahuman powers.

Doctor Giggles

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