Doctor Ramman


Tesla: Doctor Ramman is a Tesla with a bent towards electromagnetism and electrical engineering.

Tesla Arsenal: Doctor Ramman has a large arsenal of weapons, battlesuits, and other Tesla gadgets that he has built over the years.


Doctor Ramman is a Tesla who works for Metagroup. He designs super-technology that is based on or manipulates electromagnetic forces, primarily electricity and magnetism. He designed the technology Gigavolt used while de-powered, the technology used by The Blackout Bandits, and the battlesuit worn by Circuit-Smasher. He was also responsible for the Tesla technology that Jolt used as the basis for his own battlesuit and creations.

Doctor Ramman confronted Jolt regarding the “theft” of his technology. As a result of two Tesla devices interacting, the electromagnetic field of Jolt’s combat suit was permanently infused into his body, giving him inherent super-powers. Ramman was ultimately defeated in this confrontation, but continues to nurse a grudge against Jolt.

STATUS: Active

Doctor Ramman

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