Dread Lord

Master Of Psychic Fear


Maxwell Von Schreckenmacher was born with hate in his heart. Born into an upper middle class family in central Germany, Maxwell did not get along with any other children. Without coming from opulence, he felt entitled. He felt that the world owed him something, and whenever it wasn’t delivered, there was always someone to blame.

As Maxwell aged, his hate crystallized into true xenophobia when alien spacecraft were seen fighting with each other across the globe, darting through the atmosphere as Ahsanian and Kreldian fighters took their war into Earth’s airspace. A mere teenager, Maxwell watched as contact was established and Earth’s territory was declared off-limits, as BETA was formed and flourished across space and alien immigrants were allowed to come to Earth. How could the governments allow these foreign invaders onto human soil? For all we knew, they were spies and fifth columnists, the vanguards of a coming invasion!

Maxwell had had enough. He knew that all of the worlds ills were, at their root, caused by these human offshoots from other worlds. He joined with the Earth For Humans League, and was swiftly promoted through the ranks after successfully killing a pair of german intelligence agents trying to break their weapons smuggling ring.

Unfortunately, that same crime got the authorities even more closely following Maxwell’s trail. He was a wanted man, and even though he led his own cell of alien-hating terrorists armed to the teeth with extra-terrestrial weaponry, he knew it wouldn’t be enough.

But then he was approached by an American businessman named Edgar Kapila. Kapila offered Maxwell sanctuary in the US, if he was willing to pledge his loyalty and do some dirty work. Maxwell quickly agreed, leaving his men high and dry, passing on all the alien technology on to Kapila in exchange for his protection.

Kapila then revealed himself as the demon lord Kahlir. The terrorist and the demon lord made a pact; Maxwell’s service in exchange for power. Activating his latent AGM abilities, Maxwell gained the ability to instill fear in others and project it as a weapon. Dubbing himself “Dread Lord”, he went to America, working with other worshippers of Kahlir to further his master’s aims.

After Kahlir’s ring of worshippers was defeated at the hands of the super-team The Sentinels, Dread Lord managed to escape by incapacitating the power armor hero Jolt.

STATUS: Active

Dread Lord

The New Los Angeles Sentinels Heronator