El Calavera


Mystical Tattoos: The magical tattoos that Kahlir inscribed onto El Calavera gave him the ability to summon and manipulate the shadows of the Netherworld. This gives him a number of other abilities.

  • Shadow Blasts: El Calavera’s shadow blasts can strike against either the body or against the victim’s life force, causing them to feel weakened and cold.
  • Flight: El Calavera’s shadow manipulations allow him to fly. When he does so, two demonic looking wings of shadow sprout from his back, but these aren’t strictly necessary to fly, simply a visual side effect.
  • Shadow Cloak: El Calavera can conjure shadows around him to hide himself from sight. This shadow cloak also confounds most exotic senses, such as magical detection, mind scanning, etc.
  • Shadow Conjuration: El Calavera can conjure a number of small shadow beasts from the Netherworld.
  • Shadow Healing: El Calavera can heal at a very rapid rate, but only when he is cloaked in darkness.
  • Shadow Walking: El Calavera can “short cut” through the Netherworld to teleport, but both his location and destination need to be cloaked in darkness.
  • Shadow Armor: El Calavera can conjure a skin-level force field composed of Nether-Matter that helps protect him from injury.

Gunsmanship: Years on the streets of New Los Angeles have made El Calavera a pretty good shot.


Jose Alvarez grew up in the New Los Angeles barrio, and from a very young age grafted himself onto Los Muertos, an unpowered hispanic neighborhood street gang. As he grew older, he rose through the ranks, and by the time he turned 20 he was running the gang himself.

Jose knew that Los Muertos couldn’t last forever; the world was becoming increasingly Metahuman. Los Muertos were barely surviving as it was, and it would only be a matter of time before a punk superhero swept them up and hauled them off to the cops, or worse, some wanna-be super-villain decides that taking over an existing street gang is easier than starting his own.

Jose knew he had to get him and his people some super-powers. Most people wanted money they didn’t have for powers, or they wanted to test some kind of experimental procedure with a high mortality rate. Jose only found one person willing to give him and his boys super-powers without payment or getting to use them as lab rats, and that was Kahlir. In exchange for their service and their (extremely uneasy) alliance with The Aryan Demonhood and Morgoth Coark, all of Los Muertos received magical tattoos that granted them mystical powers. With his new found arcane abilities, Jose Alvarez became El Calavera.

El Calavera began a plot, organized by Coark, to sell arcane artifacts on the black market to fund Coark’s schemes. The Sentinels traced the weapons back to El Calavera and, through him, Morgoth Coark.

Although El Calavera and some of his men escaped that initial confrontation, they were eventually captured along with the rest of Coark’s organization in the super-team’s war against Morgoth Coark. El Calavera was imprisoned within the Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

El Calavera escaped with many other super-villains when the doors to Twin Towers were blown open by Vanguard in his last attack against the city.

STATUS: Active

El Calavera

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