Metahuman Killer: Falkirk has a Class One Metahuman sequence that makes him adept at combat and killing.

Trained Soldier: Falkirk is a trained Storm Korps soldier.

Cyberwarrior Process: Falkirk is a product of The Storm Korps’ Cyberwarrior Program, and has been turned into a literal killing machine. He has numerous cybernetic enhancements:

  • Cyberarms: Both of Falkirk’s arms are cybernetic up to the shoulder. These arms have built-in energy blasters and possess enhanced strength.
  • Subdermal Armor: Falkirk has had Synthium plates inserted to various points across his body, giving him increased resistance to damage.
  • Implanted Invisibility Cloak: Special devices implanted under his skin allow Falkirk to become invisible to sight.
  • Sub-Dermal Breach Device: Falkirk has a Breach Generator grafted to his spine, allowing him to teleport short distances.
  • Optical HUD Overlay: Falkirk has a tactical computer wired to his visual cortex. It analyzes what he sees, and projects a HUD onto his organic visual input, giving him real-time tactical analysis and advice.

A native Angelino, Thomas Falkirk grew up being ignored by everyone around him. He was always left to his own devices, to do whatever he pleased and get into whatever trouble he could, so long as he didn’t bother his parents.

Thomas took to the streets, spending every moment possible outside of his home. He got involved in the typical activities of a juvenile delinquent, until one sweltering summer night when he was fifteen. Out with some of his buddies tagging a building, a group of gangbangers surrounded the boys, demanding to know what they were doing on their turf. Although his friends tried to play nice, Thomas didn’t. Maybe he had a bit too much to drink. Maybe he just didn’t like being talked down to. Either way, he pushed the issue, and the gangbangers pushed back.

Thomas’ body kicked into overdrive. He was born a Class One Metahuman, with several genetic improvements that geared his body towards physical combat. He never would have known it if he hadn’t gotten into a fight. As the gangers drew guns, Thomas leapt forward, snapping one’s arm the wrong way and crushing his nose with the flat of his palm. As the ganger fell, Thomas reached into the man’s jacket and pulled out his switchblade. Before the others really knew what was happening, Thomas was cutting throat and stabbing jugulars.

If not for a stroke of luck, Thomas would have surely been caught by the cops and locked up for years. A Storm Korps surveillance specialist had happened to be returning to his base for the night when he spotted the confrontation. Impressed with the boy’s viciousness and combat acumen, he dropped down from the shadows, and offered the young Mr. Falkirk a safe haven from the authorities. Thomas knew a good thing when he saw it, and took the Korpsman’s offer.

After getting through his Hell Year with flying colors, Thomas returned to Los Angeles. He rose through the ranks of the combat divisions, becoming a decorated close quarters combat specialist and later promoted to cyber-trooper. Falkirk had been molded by the Korps from a hot-headed teenager with authority issues into a cold calculating assassin.

For reasons known only to himself, Falkirk abruptly left the Storm Korps when Doctor Destroyer appeared on the scene in New LA. Unlike many, Falkirk did not seem to buy into Destroyer’s cult of personality, nor had he shown any previous inclination of disloyalty to The Korps. No one knows why Falkirk chose to defect, and the man himself remains silent on the subject.

Falkirk was captured by The Sentinels after confronting him inside Doctor Destroyer’s underwater fortress. Falkirk had been given a pair of Forged Destreum Scimitars by Destroyer, which The Sentinels kept as a souvenir in their trophy vault. It was one of several Destreum items that exploded as a result of Vanguard’s final attack on the city, and thus a contributing reason to the base’s destruction.

Following the breakout at Twin Towers, Falkirk was one of many villains who escaped from the facility. Both in prison and out he has shown no signs of loyalty either to other former Destroyer minions or to his old comrades within The Korps.

STATUS: Active


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