Troglodyte Leader


Troglodyte Physiology: As a troglodyte, Garokk is stronger, tougher, and faster than a normal human.

Stench: Like all troglodytes, Garokk has stink glands that can release a musk that is nauseatingly stinky to all non-troglodytes.

Camoflauge: Garokk is able to blend into his surroundings, as all troglodytes can.

Fens Connection: Like other members of his tribe, Garokk has developed a primal, instinctual connection to his environment due to living in The Fend for an extended period.

Warrior: Garokk is a veteran fighter, skilled in attacking with his natural weapons and with primitive troglodyte melee weapons.


Garokk is a troglodyte, born on a now dead world in the steaming jungles of a land called Q’Barra. Years ago, the ever shifting tides of the cosmos shifted against Garokk’s world, consuming his timeline in a great cosmic tide.

Garokk and his people managed to survive their world’s cataclysmic destruction, attached to bits of dimensional detritus, they were caught in The Drift until a dimensional storm caused them to wash up upon our world.

Lost and confused by the science and magic around them, Garokk led The Serpent Skulls into the depths of the New Los Angeles Tunnels. There, amid the damp darkness, the troglodytes could survive, as they had always done.

As the months turned into years, The Serpent Skulls tribe managed to learn about their new home. They observed and studied the mammals that dominated this world. They came to understand the basics of things like firearms and superhuman powers. Most importantly, they understood that the laws of magic were different here, and they learned how to cast spells in a whole new way.

After years of sticking to the deepest regions of The Tunnels and avoiding Annelid’s monstrosities, Garokk and his tribe were sought out. Kyros, the Vampire Mage, came to the troglodytes as a preacher and prosletyzer, coming to spread word of Yith-Thirak, The Great Lizard-Toad. After connecting Yith-Thirak to the troglodytes’ own deific patron, Laogzd, Kyros gained the tribe as followers. They faithfully aided the vampire as he prepared to summon Yith-Thirak.

In the aftermath of Yith-Thirak’s banishment, Garokk seized control of the tribe back from Kyros. He and his tribe took up residence in The Fens, finding the magical swamp much more like their home of Q’Barra than the LA Tunnels.

Garokk tries his hardest to do what is best for his people, which can often put him at odds with other residents of The Walled City. He knows that Kyros’ frog-god was not their own patron and that his people were used, but many troglodytes still hold Kyros and Yith-Thirak in high esteem. Many troglodytes would also rather themselves die than work with the outsider mammals, even when doing so would be in their best interest. Despite these setbacks, Garokk currently has the ears of his tribe, but it may only be a matter of time until his “radical” ideas and methods are challenged.


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