Superhuman Strength: Hellion is capable of lifting weights in excess of several tons.

Pyrokinesis: Hellion has precise metamagical control over flame in all it’s form. In addition to being able to generate offensive (and non-lethal) gouts of flame, he can also manipulate and extinguish flames by force of will.

Demonic Physiology: Hellion’s body has mutated into a demonic form. In addition to strongly resembling a four armed demon, he also has complete immunity to fire, disease, and toxins. Many of the health issues that plagued him as a human have gone into remission.


Damien Eldred was never healthy. A victim of Chronic Leukemia since he was a child, much of his life was spent moving in and out of hospitals. Frail and sickly, doctors predicted that he wouldn’t survive to see his 25th year.

But Damien would not go down so easily. In one desperate attempt to save his life, he turned to the most powerful metadrug on the market: Hellfire. The results were dramatic: In just a few short weeks he went from a scrawny weakling to a hulking four armed brute. He was thrilled: not only had he obtained the health that eluded him his entire life, but he was powerful. Strong enough to pick up cars and capable of setting them on fire with his mind.

Of course, addiction is a powerful thing, and the newly dubbed Hellion wasn’t satisfied with his first few tastes of power. The first few weeks of his new life were filled with crime and flame, as Damien desperately tried to feed his addiction. It was a path that would have led to oblivion if not for the intervention of Invenious and Demon Force One. Invenious recognized the potential for good in Hellion, and helped him overcome his addiction.

While working with Demon Force One, Hellion learned to use his powers in a constructive capacity, gaining the ability to set things alight without burning them, and the power to extinguish flames as well as he could create them. He put these powers to good use during the encounter with Yith-Thirak, protecting the more magically minded members of Demon Force One from the forces of Kyros.

Hellion is currently the only surviving member of Demon Force One, having survived Vanguard’s posthumous attack on the city with his mind and body intact. Curiously, he has begun exhibiting secondary demonic mutations, though he is unsure if this is due to the Gas or for some other unknown reason.

Caperater: 3/10
Review Summation: Prejudice due to demonic origin and status as a former drug user, due to tendency in American culture for criminality to brand a person for life even after debts are paid. Switch from vigilante to registered hero improved score, but not by much.


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