Iron Cross

Regenerative Brute


Regeneration: The Iron Cross’ signature ability, he possesses superhuman hyper-regeneration, able to recover from the most grievous of wounds in a matter of moments. This includes reforming limbs and organs, and likely includes regeneration past the point of death, possibly even from small samples, such as a finger or a single blood cell. Initially, Iron Cross required regular treatments with a chemical suppressant that kept his regeneration from spiraling out of control into cancerous growths. However, this limitation was removed thanks to the magic of Kahlir.

Super-Strength: The Iron Cross is a proficient hand-to-hand combatant, as well as superhumanly strong, able to bend steel with his bare hands.

Super-Durability: Unlike many regenerators, The Iron Cross possesses the standard resistence to injury of many Metahuman bricks. Thus, it is difficult to injure him in the first place, even besides his ability to regenerate wounds.


Ian Cross and his brother Michael didn’t see eye to eye on many things. They were polar opposites on political, economic, and most social issues. While they couldn’t even agree on a favorite movie or ice cream flavor, they were still family, and cared about one another deeply.

Even Michael’s criminal activities couldn’t make Ian hate his brother. Michael Cross had spent some time in San Quentin and became a member of The Aryan Brotherhood. After Michael was released, he joined a local LA gang called The Nazi Lowriders. Ian tried his best to get Michael to quit the gang and resume a non-criminal life, but he was unsuccessful.

One night, a rogue, unnamed vigilante murdered every member of the Lowriders, including Michael. The police were unable to find any clues linking the crime to a suspect, and is often the case in crimes with criminals as victims, were unwilling to devote resources to the case.

Ian was distraught and in mourning. Of course he didn’t approve of what his brother did, but he still couldn’t believe that he had been killed. He would have done anything to bring his brother back.

At the funeral, Ian met a man named Edgar Kapila. Mr. Kapila claimed to have been an employer of Michael’s from time-to-time, and offered Ian a chance to help Michael. At first, Ian was confused, but he grew more and more entranced with the mystery man’s words. Particularly his claim that he had access to magical power that would raise Michael from the dead.

Ian had his suspicions, but as he worked for Kapila and was shown display after display of arcane power, he agreed. He would do whatever Kapila wanted, no questions asked. He was confused when all Kapila asked him was to volunteer for a medical experiment.

Unbeknownst to Ian, the medical experiment was to test The Black Knight Formula, a super-soldier regenerative treatment being clandestinely made by one of Kapila’s companies. The formula took a hold of Ian, and began a morphogenetic process that would take years to mature and complete. The formula’s effect on his mind, combined with Kapila’s whispered words, drove Ian to one terrible act after another. Ian was no longer; the kind and caring man he once was had been replaced, piece by piece, with a murderous psychopath.

As Kahlir’s most physically powerful minion and nearly impervious to harm due to his extreme regeneration, Kahlir directed Ian, now named The Iron Cross, against The Sentinels, then-member Cheshire in particular (who, unknown to Ian, was the person who killed Michael and the other Lowriders). Kahlir continued to use The Iron Cross as a blunt instrument, using him wherever physical force was needed. As Kahlir’s web of intrigue began to crumble, Cross was most often directed to help the plans of Morgoth Coark.

The Iron Cross was brutally beaten by the artifact-enhanced Kyros, allowing the vampire to stride into the heart of Morgoth Coark’s Cathedral of Frost. When Yith-Thirak was summoned, The Iron Cross was eaten by the hungry spirit-god.

STATUS: Dead (Comic Book)

Iron Cross

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