Iron Falcon


Martial Artist: Iwomata is a highly skilled martial artist, able to proficiently use several different styles, often mixing various style elements together when fighting in non-controlled conditions. Overall, Iwomata has a very offensive, aggressive style, and is often willing to leave himself open to attack in order to gain an advantage over his opponent. He thinks nothing of taking some additional hits and strikes in order to ddefeat his opponent.

Iron Falcon Armor (Former): When fufilling the role of The Iron Falcon, Iwomata used a modified suit of Razorhawk armor. His armor was far tougher than a standard suit, and featured a pair of long blades that extended from the arms of the suit, allowing Iwomata to use his training in blade arts. The thickened, reinforced armor proved too heavy to achieve electromagnetic flight, so instead it featured fuel-powered jump jets to allow for mobility.


Tsubasa Iwomata is a skilled martial artist and a former lieutenant to Sakai Tamaki, The Bandaged Ninja, the leader of the Mei Hua Gang. Precisely how he came to be affiliated with The Razorhawks is unknown; all that is known for sure is that Iwomata switched allegiances, joining with Razorhawk. It is commonly believed that Iwomata was paid off handsomely to join Razorhawk as The Iron Falcon.

The Iron Falcon was captured by Trick, a member of The Sentinels, as a part of Operation Can Opener. He was placed into federal custody, and was a captive until Vanguard’s final attack on the city. The Iron Falcon armor was completely destroyed by Vanguard’s attack, and Iwomata himself has been MIA since the attack.

STATUS: Missing

Iron Falcon

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