Ironheart Armor: Ratzinger wears a suit of power armor given to him by Valentine. This armor was purchased off the black market, and is an updated design of an older soviet model; one of the more common types of black market power armor. It is a thick suit of Meta-Steel that protects Ratzinger from harm by physically blocking attacks rather than any advanced system. It has a second rate onboard computer that has some basic diagnositcs and targeting assist, and the suit has wired servo-motors to increase the user’s strength. It has rockets in the boots for flight that operate on high octane jet fuel, and the gauntlets are wired for concussive force blasts. It also has a built-in radio communications system in the helmet.


Daniel Ratzinger was a small time two-bit hood in New Los Angeles, who had aspirations of making it big. However, he never had the right mindset. He wasn’t cut out for work among the bigger villainous organizations; after failing the Korpsman Entrance Exams, he thought he might be small-time forever.

Opportunity of a sort knocked on his door on Febuary 14th, 2010. The holiday villain Valentine offered to make Ratzinger a member of his Lonely Hearts Club, by offering him a suit of cheap FSU surplus power armor with a quick valentines-themed pain job. Ratzinger quickly accepted, and was just as quickly stopped by The Sentinels.

Ratzinger was imprisoned within the Twin Towers Containment Facility, and like many villains, escaped when Vanguard destroyed the prison.

STATUS: Active


The New Los Angeles Sentinels Heronator