Ivan Red

Former Crimson Crusher


Aberrant Physiology: Repeated exposure to the warping bio-energies of The Red Rush, Ivan Red’s body has mutated and become deformed (most notably, his arms are disproportionately large when compared to the rest of his body). These physical mutations have had a positive effect on his physiology, granting him enhanced strength, toughness, endurance, and durability.

Bio-Energy Boost: Ivan Red can flood his system with stored bio-energy, greatly enhancing his physical characteristics and coating his skin in a low-powered force field.

Anti-Magic Field: Taking advantage of the natural friction between magic and bio-energy, Ivan Red has learned how to “tune” his bio-energy powers to create a field of magical dampening around him.

Military Training: As a former Russian soldier, Ivan Red is a well-trained and well-disciplined warrior.


Ivan Red is a former Russian soldier and one of the men attached to The Red Rush’s original unit. As the Union fell, Ivan continued to serve The Rush out of a mixture of loyalty and addiction. After repeated exposures, he developed his own super-powers, gaining a superhuman (if deformed) physiology, as well as a store of enhancing bio-energy within his own cells.

After coming to America, Ivan Red got another taste of power, albeit of a different kind. As The Red Rush’s second in command, he was given substantial control over The Crimson Crushers, and soon he wanted more. It began with small defiances at first, working as a freelance mercenary instead of just for the good of the gang, but it eventually blossomed into a full blown coup. The two waged a subtle shadow war against each other for a while, before Ivan Red managed to trick The Red Rush into a very vulnerable position, letting him get captured by The Sentinels while Ivan’s men slaughtered the Rush loyalists. Ivan Red and his followers then signed on with newcomer Damyen Pyvorotov.

But Ivan Red underestimated Pyvorotov. Ivan Red’s failsafe device, to let him escape after a confrontation with The Sentinels, was secretly an explosive device, the activation of which blew up in Ivan’s face, literally, allowing Damyen to take control of the Crimson Crushers and absorb them into his organization.

STATUS: Dead (Comic Book)

Ivan Red

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