Electromagnetic Infusion Field: As a result of the synergistic Tesla sciences of Jolt and Doctor Ramman, the electromagnetic energy of Jolt’s previous battlesuit became infused into his very cells. This permanent energy field grants him the ability to innately generate and project electromagnetic energy, as well as manipulate it to a limited extent. Manifestations of his projection include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical Blast
  • Chain Lightning Blast
  • Opposing Polarity Discharge: Jolt can generate an electrical discharge at the specific opposite electromagnetic frequency of another electrical effect, nullifying it.
  • Thunder Punch: Jolt can “super-charge” his fists with electrical energy, greatly increasing his striking force. A side effect of this is that the transferred energy will frequently cause the optic nerve to temporarily shut down.
  • Cellular Force Field: The permanent energy field in him causes his cells to generate a low-level magnetic force field inside of his cellular structure, increasing his resistance to damage.
  • Electrolytic Oxygen Extraction: Jolt can manipulate his electromagnetic energies to perform electrolysis inside of his mouth, creating breathable oxygen and allowing him to effectively breathe underwater.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Leap: By creating a focused magnetic field at his feet, Jolt can vault himself great distances, as long as he has a magnetizeable surface to launch from.
  • Electromagnetic Sight: Jolt’s lenses automatically magnify light of the visible spectrum as a compensating factor for dark conditions.
  • Lightning Eyes: The energy infusing Jolt’s optical nerves and visual cortex makes him more resistant to effects that would rob him of his sight.
  • Magnetic Adhesion: Jolt can manipulate his energy field to stick to and move across any surface that can be magnetized.
  • Personal Nonconductivity: The energy infusing Jolt’s anatomical and cellular structure makes him completely immune to the specific frequency of electromagnetic energy his body or similar sources produce, making him immune to his own powers and those of similar sources, such as the technology of Doctor Ramman.

Tesla: Jolt is a Tesla with a bent towards electromagnetism and electrical engineering.

Jolt Armor (Former): A suit of fiberized powered armor incorporating an advanced synthetic electroactive polymer weave that has a millisecond response to force input, integrated servomotor enhancements for all major joints and muscle groups, fiberized microweave circuitry with artificially low electrical resistance, distributed computing in a secondary weave, and a mesh network of micro-scale batteries that allow for extended, high capacity usage. This battlesuit was rendered nonfunctional (and redundant) when an encounter with Doctor Ramman left Jolt infused with the armor’s energy field.

  • Overworked
  • Ten To Twenty Times The Size
  • Same Hero, Different Mask
  • Grabbing Aggro
  • Turncoat
  • Out Of Towner
  • Hello Dirt
  • Overachiever
  • Double Secret Probation
  • Hax
  • Dirt, We Meet Again
  • Tasting Asphalt
  • No Budget For Fight Scenes
  • Paper Thin Disguise
  • Dead Man Walking
  • I Get Knocked Down
  • Extra Credit
  • Screw The Rules, I Have Money
  • Running On Empty
  • I’ve Always Wanted To Do This
  • Insulated, My Ass
  • Walk On The Dark Side
  • Lightning Can Do Anything
  • Short Attention Span
  • Twenty Twenty
  • Bombs Don’t Discriminate
  • Combo Streak I
  • Choose Your Own Adventure I
  • Guest Writer I
  • Bronze Age Hero
  • And The Oscar Goes To

Caperater: 7/10
Review Summation: Teslas are extremely popular in current culture, combining the love of superhumans with geek chic, and the eternal love in American culture of an intelligent hero who lacks formal training. Generally seen as an ‘everyman hero’, but his abrasiveness hampers what would otherwise be a better public standing.


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