Rogue Demon Lord


During the ancient days of the world of the demons, after The Great Sundering tore their world apart into a number of distinct floating fiefdoms, the most powerful and influential of the demons met together on neutral ground, striking The Proclamation Of Sin’s Sovereignty, declaring that each demon prince or princess had undisputed sovereignty over their own Hellsphere, to prevent the demons from constantly warring among themselves, and establishing clear heirarchies among the demonic inhabitants of a single Hellsphere.

Kahlir remembers that day. He was a less powerful demon, and vocally opposed the Proclamation, as it stymied his own attempts at ascending to dominance. However, he was forced into the newly established heirarchy. Culbron, The Prince Of Honest Lies, accepted the willful demon into his flock, even granting him a position of power; his Thirteenth Archduke, and the Keeper Of The Azure Flame. Kahlir chaffed under his new status quo; Culbron’s sovereign influence prevented Kahlir from making any kind of dishonest deal, bargain, or contract. However, he discovered a way out, a loophole in the Proclamation; if a subservient demon amassed enough personal power to make a claim as a member of the Princely Court, that demon would be free to act under their own accord, free of sovereign influence.

Kahlir’s first step was to slay Kabak, a demon of great strength and toughness, and Culbron’s then Third Archduke. He ambushed the Archduke, using his power over the Azure Flame to by-pass his fabled defenses. He then absorbed Kabak’s arcane essence, sealing what he could not directly absorb into a weapon made of hell-forged iron, The Mace Of Kabak.

Kahlir was then promoted to the Third Archduke, with none of his colleagues the wiser to his role in Kabak’s death. He knew a second death would arouse suspicion, so he turned to the next best avenue for a demon to accrue power; worship.

Kahlir answered any summoning he could, granting demonic power to those willing to “sell their souls”, long after Culbron abandoned the practice. Unfortunately, he was unable to make any kind of steady cult devoted to him. He feared he would be stuck a mere Archduke forever, until fortune smiled upon him.

A vampire named Kyros was brought into Culbron’s Hellsphere from one of the realms of Man. This (un)mortal spellcaster showed true promise; he was knowledgeable about the arcane, he was guileful and cunning, he was power-hungry, and he had no moral compunctions whatsoever. He had been captured by Cassius, one of Culbron’s loyal minions, and he intrigued Kahlir. The demon lord knew an opportunity when he saw one, an opportunity to make a strategic alliance and bring many others under his thumb.

He spent many private sessions with Kyros under the guise of prisoner interrogation, when the two were really conversing and negotiating. Kahlir was disappointed that he could not make a direct convert out of Kyros; the vampire mage was already devoted to something called Yith-Thirak. Kahlir learned about New Los Angeles and the goings on in its mystical community. He learned about the plots and machinations of The Vanguard. He learned that the city was ripe for the plucking.

Kahlir and Kyros eventually struck a deal; Kahlir would free Kyros and funnel arcane artifacts to him in exchange for Kyros manipulating New LA’s mystical commuinities into worshipping him. Kyros agreed, and after merely being released from his bindings, fought his way out of Culbron’s Hellsphere like a true warrior.

Kahlir was not disappointed. Soon, Kyros had many of the Devil’s Own and Children of Judas in the city pledging allegiance to Kahlir, and convinced Morgoth Coark of the Churxh of Hindalg that Kahlir was an avatar of his spirit-god. And even though they did not worship him, his political allegiance with the Cult of Yith-Thirak and Vanguard’s extended organization gave Kahlir enough symbolic power to make his move. He formally broke from Culbron, and Culbron’s Hellsphere erupted into civil war. He even began to grant favored minions direct power, such as The Iron Cross or the members of The Aryan Demonhood. In his human guise of Edgar Kapila, Kahlir marshalled his earthly resources into a united front against Culbron, taking the fight to him in the Hellsphere, in the streets of New Los Angeles, and in the boardroom.

However, Kahlir made two deadly mistakes: trusting his erstwhile ally Kyros, and underestimating the capability of The Sentinels. As the city’s premier super-team began to hit his earthly minions hard, Kyros began to plot against him. He took artifacts and lore from Kahlir under the guise of helping his plans, but moved against him, discretely helping The Sentinels. He acted as a treacherous vizier to Morgoth Coark, convincing him to make dangerous moves and expose himself early, exposing himself from the church and forcing his father to give up his position of power. He convinced Kahlir to invest undue power in minions like El Calavera and The Aryan Demonhood, giving up personal arcane power for relatively little gain. Finally, Kyros’ words convinced Morgoth Coark to slay his father and seize formal control of his congregation. All the while, Kyros spread word of these failures to the faithful, causing the worshippers among the gangs to steadily drop off.

Finally, having no other choice, Kahlir decided to take control of his crumbling fledgling empire, answering Morgoth Coark’s direct plea for aid. For his foolishness, Kyros bound him and stripped him of most of his arcane essence and his power over the Azure Flame, using it to power the summoning of Yith-Thirak.

After the events surrounding the summoning of Yith-Thirak, Culbron dragged the drained Kahlir back to his Hellsphere personally. In an act of vengeance and brutality, Culbron had Kahlir, his family, and every one of his followers and loyalists executed. Kahlir was executed by Culbron personally, as the demon prince tore out and consumed Kahlir’s heart.

STATUS: Dead (Permanent)


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