Kommandant Lasher


Kommandant Lasher is one of the “golden boys” of New Los Angeles, one of Director Johansson’s favored agents in the Greater New Los Angeles Area. Beginning his career as a simple foot soldier assigned to Projeckt: Stein, Lasher quickly shot up through the ranks thanks to a combination of skill and ruthlessness that is prized within The Korps.

Kommandant Lasher has whipped several Storm Korps bases in the area into shape, improving troop performance by leaps and bounds, but often lets his own personal obsessions get the better of them. Lasher is obsessed with aliens, alien technology, and anything to do with the extra-terrestrial. He has often turned the resources of bases under his command to the pursuit and investigation of local alien sightings, acquisition of black market alien technology, and similar pursuits. His behavior is tolerated by Director Johansson and the Council of Thirty thanks to his otherwise amazing efficiency and skill.

Kommandant Lasher led the evacuation of all Storm Korps assets within the city limits that were deemed worth saving. As such, he and a large majority of the city’s Storm Korps operatives remain outside the walls, and will no doubt come swarming back in to re-claim old bases and territory once the walls fall.

STATUS: Active

Kommandant Lasher

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