Kommandant Raddik

Mad Former Kommandant


Escape Artistry: Kommandant Raddik is well known for his seeming ability to escape from any situation. It has allowed him to escape prosecution by the authorities every time so far.

Madborn Loyalty: Raddik doesn’t lead his troops in any traditional sense of a military commander. Rather, like a cult leader, Raddik inspires fanatic loyalty in his men.

Weapons Expert: For all of his oddness, flamboyantness, and mild insanity, Raddik is actually quite trained in the killing arts. He is able to expertly wield nearly any weapon he can get his hands on.

Military Arsenal: Raddik has access to his entire base and its resources. Although an attack by the Sentinels when the base was under Destroyer’s control destroyed the computer system and resulted in the loss of the Sennacherib prototype, the base still has a fully stocked arsenal and garage, and is able to function as a base. The entire facility has been re-fortified by Raddik and his crew to repel attacks. Raddik himself uses styled Korpsman body armor and whatever weapon from the vault catches his fancy at the time; he has a preference for new or oddball designs, sometimes even willing to sacrifice some practicality if a weapon has enough “originality”.

Regenerative Healing Factor: When Raddik served Doctor Destroyer, he had several teeth replaced with false ones holding doses of a regenerative serum. Repeated consumption and exposure to the serum has catalyzed a mutation in his body, giving Raddik superhuman regeneration.


Known to many as “The Mad Kommandant”, Kommandant Raddik is a former Storm Korps Kommandant and base leader in New Los Angeles. He earned his nickname because of his flamboyant and erratic style, and conversations with his troops often leave them more confused than before.

Precisely why Raddik was not only allowed to stay within the organization, but was ever promoted to Kommandant, is a mystery known only to The Council of Thirty, but it may have something to do with his uncanny knack for escape. Time and time again, in situations where even some Metahumans have been unable to escape, Raddik is able to worm his way out of physical bonds and engineer daring escapes for him and his soldiers. For reasons unknown, he has a preternatural skill in this area; many believe Raddik to be a Class One Metahuman, with a mind for escape artistry and escape plans.

When Doctor Destroyer came to The Sentinel’s Earth, Kommandant Raddik was one of the villains who flocked to Destroyer’s banner. After the fall of Doctor Destroyer, Raddik fled into the Tunnels with the troops still loyal to him.

After the Walls came up around New Los Angeles, Raddik and his troops re-emerged from the Tunnels. They laid claim to Raddik’s former base (a base responsible for designing a Meta-Tech Crossbow called Sennacherib) and staked their claim as a force within The Walls.

STATUS: Active

Kommandant Raddik

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