Kommandant Statler


Physical Conditioning: As a soldier and now “Kommandant” of the Storm Korps, Statler trains to keep his body in peak physical fitness.

Marksman: Statler is quite skilled with firearms, preferring conventional kinetic weapons to the more advanced energy weapons the Korps has.

Tactician: Statler has gained a new head for tactics as a result of gas exposure.

Leadership Skills: Statler has proven to be quite effective at rallying and commanding his troops, and the former Korpsmen who follow him are quite loyal.

Military Arsenal: Although he does not have a basr to call his own, Statler has managed to scrounge an impressive arsenal of weaponry, both for himself and for his troops. Statler has a preference for traditional weaponry such as ballistics and explosives over super-tech and energy weapons, and his arsenal is an amalgamation of Storm Korps weapons and Revenant Crew weapons. He and his troops have re-colored and retro-fitted Storm Korps body armor and other equipment, such as tool kits and handset radios.


John Statler was a small-time loser with no options. He’d served time in San Quentin for drug possession. He had just bought a couple ounces of pot from his dealer, and he got pulled over for a random search. He was convicted of drug possession with intent to sell, and was sentenced to three years in San Quentin.

Once he got out, he didn’t have anywhere to turn. His family practically disowned him, he couldn’t get accepted back into college, and with no bachelor’s degree and a criminal record, nobody would hire him. He had nowhere to go and nobody to turn to.

It made him a perfect Storm Korps recruit.

John was approached by a recruitment officer. He offered John a chance to get back at the system that had abused him and the world that had abandoned him. A little unsure, but in desperate need of a job, any job, John accepted.

He passed his entrance exams and was sent to a Storm Korps training facility in an undisclosed location. There, he underwent Hell Year; the full year of basic training all new Korps recruits undergo. John scraped by, and was made into a basic combat soldier, assigned to a Storm Korps cell in New Los Angeles tasked with monitoring COIL operations underneath Kommandant Geoff.

When Kommandant Geoff died under mysterious circumstances, the base was put under the command of Kommandant Lasher, among his other bases. Lasher re-purposed the cell to hunt down and retrieve alien technology within the area.

John caught a lucky break, the first in a long time, when he was assigned as a communications monitor for the base. Desperate to escape from his criminal life, he contacted The Sentinels, and fed them inside information on the promise of escape.

The super-team made good on their promise, and Statler was given to federal custody. He told the authorities everything he knew, and was placed in the witness protection program.

However, when Vanguard unleashed his gas attack on the city, Statler was driven a bit mad. He became the perfect Storm Korps candidate; a cold, calculating, ruthless sociopath. He has managed to rally some of the “left behind” Korpsmen to his banner, although unlike the other Kommandants, he doesn’t have a Korps base at his disposal.

STATUS: Active

Kommandant Statler

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