Mystic Vigilante


Arcane Lore: Krakus is a very learned man with a lot of knowledge of magic. He has spent many hours studying arcane theory and mechanics, lore of the Spirit World and other mystical dimensions, supernatural entities, and more. He is also able to put his knowledge to use as a caster of ritual magicks, and he dabbles in some minor enchanting and artificing, although as a Rote spellcaster instead of a Learned spellcaster, more impressive feats of artificing elude him.

Rote Spellcaster: Through hard study and rote memorization, Krakus is able to cast several dozen true spells.

Taint Of The Inanimate: As a result of his extended use of the Amulet Of Transmutativeness, Krakus has taken on a few traits of inanimate matter. This arcane taint has turned his skin an ashen, concrete gray, and has lessened the impact of many failings of the flesh. He has a greatly reduced need for sleep, food, water, and even air, is mildly resistant to attacks on his physical structure and greatly resistant to direct attacks on his biology (particularly things such as toxins and diseases), and is fully resistant to many harmful environments, such as intense heat or high pressure. Krakus also either ages more slowly or does not age at all (it is too early to tell).

Cloak Of Woven Wards: Krakus’ rune-embossed suit and cloak have been enchanted with personal defensive wards, of the variety common to many combat spellcasters. They protect him from a variety of attacks, but the defense is not absolute. It merely allows Krakus to stand to-to-toe with his superhuman and supernatural foes, who would otherwise be able to easily tear him to shreds.

Amulet Of Transmutativeness (Former): For many years, Krakus primarily fought crime with The Amulet Of Transmutativeness, a magical artifact from Ancient Ulthir that allowed the user to transform one substance into another. Although capable of affecting living things, Krakus only used it to transmute inorganic matter. The Amulet was lost to him, however, when he willingly gave it up (and consequently, his career as a crime-fighter) for use in a ritual to seal the spirit-god Yith-Thirak.

Mana Lodge: Krakus’ mana lodge is his mystical base of operations. The structure exists both as a physical form and as an astral construct, making it a natural focal point for magical energy. It has a variety of warding spells weaved around it, making it well protected from detection, attack, and other hostile action. Krakus keeps his library of mystical lore and his collection of arcane artifacts here, as well as other miscellany, such as living quarters, a trophy collection, an arcane laboratory, and so on.

Wand Of Force: The Wand Of Force lets Krakus create blasts of force, move objects telekinetically, and create solid walls of force.

Step-Through Cloak: The Step-Through Cloak allows Krakus to become intangible to everything except the forces of magic.


Krakus is a mystic vigilante of New Los Angeles, and the current wielder of the Amulet of Transmutativeness, a mystical artifact from Ancient Ulthir that allows the wielder to transform inanimate matter into other inanimate matter. Beyond the use of the amulet, Krakus is a fairly minor spellcaster, although he is an accomplished ritualist and artificer. He has stayed silent on his history and past, and no one has been able to connect him to a civilian identity.

Krakus typically only fights mystical villains and forces in New Los Angeles, particularly the Children of Judas, The Devil’s Own, and their related demonic cults, as well as the Black Ravens and their necromantic magicks.

Krakus wears a crimson red formal-style suit with a flowing high collar cape, both inlaid with golden threaded mystical runes. He does not wear a mask, and his skin is a concrete gray as a side effect of extended use of the Amulet.

In order to seal Yith-Thirak back within his Spirit World realm, Krakus sacrificed his Amulet of Transmutativeness. No longer able to fight crime, Krakus has relegated himself to a support role, using his minor mystical abilities to aid other crime-fighters when he can. Although he laments no longer being an active superhero, he recognizes that this power loss likely saved his life, as he was not out actively fighting in the second Riots that hit the city after Vanguard’s gas attack, instead forced to merely defend his home. As such, he is one of the few “vigilantes” that survived the devastation.

The Sentinels managed to save a pair of Ulthiric artifacts, The Wand Of Force and the Step-Through Cloak, which they gave to Krakus to allow him to resume fighting crime.

STATUS: Active


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