Lucas Christians

Demonic Producer


Daimonic Physiology: As a demon, Christians is naturally stronger, faster, tougher, more durable, heals faster, etc. than a human.

Shape-Shifting: Christians is capable of changing his physical appearance to any extent of the range found within normal humans. Through practice, Christians can mimic specific individuals, but he has a preference for the guise he has created for his identity as Christians.

Silver Tongue: Christians is able to use subtle demonic magicks to enhance the power of his words, making him seem more charismatic, believable, and likeable. Christians has found that he rarely has to make use of this ability anymore, as his influence as a movie/television producer and president/ceo of a media company provide him with plenty of influence.


Lucas Christians is the current head of Adair Media, and the human identity of a demon loyal to Culbron. After Culbron enacted a hostile takeover of Adair Media, he appointed Christians as the new President/CEO. Culbron bought Adair Media primarily as a vessel to acquire the media rights to The Sentinels. Now that Culbron owns those in their entirety, Adair Media functions as a normal corporation and just one smaller piece of Culbron’s corporate empire.

Lucas Christians has found that human life suits him, and has taken to living the lavish lifestyle of the Hollywood elite, only rarely returning to Culbron’s Hellsphere or shifting back to his true demonic form.

Lucas Christians

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