Mind's Eye


Psychometry: Mind’s Eye is capable of detecting and interpreting the residual psychic impressions left behind on any object he touches. Due to his unique physiology, the visions resulting from this process are more vivid than normal. While this has allowed him to produce remarkably clear visions from minimal psychic residue on more than one occasion, he has difficulty keeping himself emotionally detached from some of his more intense readings.

Ego Weaponry: Mind’s Eye is capable of projecting and wielding twin “blades” of psychic energy. These blades have proven to be capable of inducing seizures and other neural disruptions in most living beings, though creatures with non-standard nervous systems are almost completely immune.

Neural Manipulation: By making direct physical contact with a living being, Mind’s Eye can exert more precise control over their nervous systems. While he can theoretically induce complex conditions such as hormonal imbalances, his most common form of manipulation is to modify his subject’s pain response; intensifying it in the case of enemies, or numbing it to allow allies to continue fighting.

Tactile Telekinesis: Mind’s Eye is capable of exerting up to 3.2 tons of telekinetic force in a semi-malleable telekinetic field. While this field allows Mind’s Eye to stick to walls, leap to great heights, and survive falls from almost any distance, it’s most dramatic use is it’s ability to conduct telekinetic force through physically surfaces. This force can travel up to 35 feet before erupting in a massive torrent of force.

Combat Precognition: Mind’s Eye has a limited form of precognition, allowing him to foresee and avoid events up to 6 seconds in the future. This is an imperfect system, however, and Mind’s Eye has mistakenly leapt into an attack on more than one occasion.

Eidetic Memory: Mind’s Eye remembers every single moment of his life in total photographic clarity from age ten onward. These memories are meticulously cataloged and cross referenced with various mnemonic enhancers, allowing easy access to any given memory at any time.

SURGE Physiology: Mind’s Eye, to put it in layman terms, is “All Fucked Up Inside”. While normal on a superficial level, his internal biology is a strange mash of grey matter, misplaced organs, and amalgamations of flesh that should not work under normal circumstances, but do. Mind’s Eyes internal physiology has only been partially mapped, and his nature as a SURGEd metahuman is kept a secret outside members of the sentinels. Mind’s Eye’s known mutations are as follows:

  • Extra Grey Matter: Mind’s Eye’s psychic powers come not from intense training, but rather an over abundance of psychically capable Brain Matter spread throughout his body in clusters of various sizes. The two most prominent clusters are located in his hands, hence his reliance on physical contact for most of his powers to function.
  • Redundant Homeostatic Functions: Mind’s Eye has numerous redundant organs and other systems that have contributed to his over all health. He is resistant to toxins, disease, and other physical disorders, despite his outwardly frail appearance.

Detective Skills: Mind’s Eye’s largest contributions to the Sentinels come not from superhuman ability, but from his highly trained analytical mind. His deductive reasoning skills and highly enhanced perception have made him one of the team’s most valuable assets, and he is often the first person the Sentinels turn to when an investigation is required.


Nathan Conrad never trusted the police. His faith in them was shattered during the Rodney King Riots, when a large portion of New LA was barricaded by the government. Using his day job as a Psychometer and Private Detective to pay the bills, he created the Noir inspired persona of Mind’s Eye in order to do the job that (in his opinion), the LAPD failed to do.
Following in the footsteps of his idol, the Recluse, Nathan took to the LA Ganglands night after night, solving crimes the LAPD wouldn’t touch. By the time he encountered the other vigilantes who would eventually form the Sentinels, he had created an extensive network of contacts and information brokers.

When Mind’s Eye, The Snipz0r, Acumen, Blue Widow, Doc Brown, The Halloween Array, and Cheshire first provoked the ire of Vanguard, it was Mind’s Eye who suggested they consolidate their resources in order to survive. He quickly drew the ire of his new teammates, as his irritable nature and emotionally detached persona would cause several members of the Sentinels to question the reason for his presence.

Then Vanguard’s son, Kyros, launched a campaign against the Sentinels’ secret identities.
While Mind’s Eye and his fellow heroes were successful in protecting their loved ones from harm, Mind’s Eye was perplexed by one of the targets on Kyros’s hit list. “Sydney Conrad.”

Confronting his parents on the manner, Nathan made a shocking discovery: His entire childhood before the age of 10 had been a fabrication. He was not a Trueborn Metahuman as he had originally believed, but a SURGE. Nor was he an only child, as he had once thought. His older brother, Sydney, had been separated from the family during Nathan’s initial SURGE event, and had not been seen since.

Nathan was devastated. His sense of self shattered in an instant. He devoted much of his free time and resources to locating his brother, with the remainder of his time spent fighting crime with the Sentinels.

His time with the Sentinels has softened his irritable nature considerably. He has become more sympathetic, and has willingly put himself in harms way to protect his teammates time and time again. He still has his cynical edge, but his relationship with his teammates has improved considerably.

With the rise of the Walled City, he has taken temporary command of the former WEB base beneath the New LA Post Office, allowing limited access to his fellow teammates and a small number of select “Vital Personnel”. Much of the base has been sealed off to preserve The Recluse’s “Privacy”, allowing access only to the Sickbay, General Laboratory, and Emergency Living Quarters. He still devotes a large portion of his personal resources to locating his brother, though the majority of his time is now spent fighting crime and keeping Trick from snooping around the base.

Achievement List

  • Double Secret Probation
  • Hax
  • This Time It’s Personal
  • Same Hero, Different Mask
  • Power Hitter
  • Bronze Age Hero
  • Repressed Memories
  • Crush It In My Mind Vice
  • Turncoat
  • Out Of Towner
  • Reality Warper
  • Heavy Hitter
  • Wrong Game
  • Up On Blocks
  • Need A Light?
  • Emmy Award Winning Series
  • Bombs Don’t Discriminate
  • Running On Empty
  • Combo Streak I
  • Rogues Gallery Transplant I
  • Substitute Writer II
  • And The Oscar Goes To
  • Take A Third Option
  • Overworked
  • Family Matters

Caperater: 6/10
Review Summation: SURGE status unknown to general public. Standing as a founding member and lower tier powers grant some credence to public persona. Aloofness plays into the public’s like of the cool stoic anti-hero, but many people interpret it as jackassery.

Mind's Eye

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