Nathan H. Aurox


Daimonic Physiology: As a demon, Nhorox is naturally stronger, faster, tougher, more durable, heals faster, etc. than a human.

Enhanced Intellect: Nhorox is a skilled intellectual, the mental equal of many of the smartest humans.

Linguist: Nhorox can speak and understand all human languages and dialects.

Mental Entrapment: Through magical means, Nhorox can directly ensnare the minds of others, forcing them to follow his mental commands. While subjects are so ensnared, he can draw forth any information they know. Nhorox rarely uses this ability, and much prefers to convince someone the old fashioned way. He considers it a last resort.

Sanctuary: Nhorox is immune to most forms of direct assault unless he engages combat first.

Creeping Shadows: Nhorox can control the level of light around him, ranging from dazzling brightness to complete darkness.

Eyes Of Night: Nhorox can see in darkness.

Ritual Magic: Although not a combat spellcaster, Nhorox is well versed in arcane lore and is skilled and able to perform arcane rituals.

Power Of The Station: Nhorox had been granted limited control of the demonic energies suffusing Culbron’s Hellsphere as a direct boon by Culbron himself. This allows Nhorox some limited energy manipulation abilities on the rare occasions he needs to engage in combat, making him the rough equal of most superhumans. These abilities won’t allow him to engage in a drawn out fight, but can give him the time he needs to disengage or otherwise act.

Human Form: Nhorox can hide his demonic appearance, taking the form of a slim and attractive African-American man in his late 30’s.

Skilled Lawyer: Above all else, Nhorox is good at his job. He is a skilled and competent lawyer, well versed in civil, criminal, and corporate law. Nhorox takes great pride in his work and usually refuses to use his demonic abilities to aid him unless absolutely necessary.


Nathan H. Aurox is the human guise of Nhorox, a demonic servitor of Culbron. Nhorox serves as a powerful lawyer for the firm of Cunningham, Cabot, & Crowley, a private law firm and a part of Culbron’s corporate empire. Although Nhorox possesses a swath of magical powers like many demons, he rarely uses them, as he is a cunning, capable, and experienced lawyer, and does not need to use his abilities to win cases.

Nhorox pursues whatever cases strike his fancy unless he has a particular agenda Culbron wants him to pursue. He practices law primarily as a way to test his skills and brainpower, the way others may recreationally solve puzzles, and as such is often willing to perform his duties for staggeringly low pay when presented with an interesting case.

The Sentinels have met Nhorox in his capacity as the primary lawyer for Adair Media, an LA-based media conglomorate which owns the extended media rights and likenesses for The Sentinels as individuals and as a team, allowing for such things as The Sentinels animated television show, movies, action figures, and the like.

Nathan H. Aurox

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