Skilled Manipulator: Aleta has spent years learning how to get others to do exactly what she wants with them thinking it was their idea. In situations where she can bring her sexuality to bear, she is able to exert even greater influence.

Osprey Armor (Former): When a member of the Razorhawks, Aleta had a custom-made suit of Razorhawk armor. She had a more highly-powered electromagnetic flight system, making her razor feathers unnecessary for flight stabilization. As such, her wings were modified into a blade-gatling system, and she has several other ranged projectile firing systems built into the armor.


Aleta Paloma was an extremely ambitious girl, even from a young age. She knew she was destined for great things.

Unfortunately for the world, she was also a sociopath.

Looking at the world around her in the slums of New Los Angeles, she saw that legitimacy was no path to power. The only real power was with the criminals; the gangs and the syndicates and the super-villains were the ones who ran things and called the shots. Every business paid protection to them, government agents quaked in fear when they confronted them. Sure, there were setbacks, like the occasional defeat by a superhero, but there were always prices to pay to get what you want.

Aleta also knew that the syndicates and gangs were boys clubs. Once she got super-powers and could become a true villainess, she’d be fine, but until then, she’d never get anywhere. Unless she had a boy to be the “face”, with her really manipulating things.

For this very reason, Aleta hooked up with Johnny “Little John” Argos, a leader of one of the neighborhood gangs. At her pushing, the gang began to run courier jobs in the Ganglands, and began to make a mark on the underworld, however small.

One of those jobs would turn out to be Aleta’s ticket to the big time. One courier job went south when Razorhawk came after them. Turns out the gang had been trying to run a little gizmo of Razorhawk’s for Gigavolt, and Razorhawk was not happy. He gave the gangers an ultimatum; return what was his or get sliced to gooey chunks by his razor feathers.

Aleta saw her opportunity and took it. She reached into Johnny’s pants and pulled out his glock, shooting her ostensibly boyfriend point blank in the head. With the other gangers reeling in shock, Aleta gingerly handed the package to Razorhawk. Impressed with the young woman’s quick thinking, he offered her a place within his organization. Aleta became Osprey, a member of Razorhawk’s Aviary.

Unfortunately, the good times were not to last. Aleta was captured after a battle against Mind’s Eye, a member of The Sentinels, as a part of Operation Can Opener. She was placed into federal custody, and remained so until Vanguard launched his final attack on the city. The chaos of the gas riots allowed Aleta to escape, although she was unable to recover her armor.

STATUS: Active


The New Los Angeles Sentinels Heronator