Avian-Themed Power Armor Villain


Darrin Soloway always hated his father.

Kingston Soloway, head of Soloway, Soloway, and Soloway, one of LA’s most successful law firms and owner of Soloway Towers, was a vain, petty, selfish, abusive man. Despite his enormous success, he was completely insecure about everything in his own life, and he lashed out against his family. His wife initially bore the brunt of his anger, but eventually she was no longer able to protect her children from his drunken and coked up fury.

Darrin swallowed his rage and frustration every time his father beat him for doing too well in school or because he had made another Tesla invention. But the final straw came when his brother Rodrick came home with a trophy from all-star soccer and his father beat him so viciously with it that he went into a coma for several weeks. Violence against himself, that he could stomach, that he could withstand. But violence against his little brother was crossing a line.

Darrin pondered and plotted for years after that, imagining his father’s death in grisly and gruesome detail. He went through several rounds of plans and plots, even coming up with dark and twisted Tesla weaponry designs for the task. But nothing seemed right. Nothing seemed fitting.

On a lark, Darrin cut through an abandoned airstrip of LAX one day when he was coming home from school. He tripped, and slid down into a drainage ditch. Just as he was recovering, he saw a glint in a drain pipe. Mesmerized, he crawled in, and saw that this pipe was a false! It was blocked by a metal door with a stylized “V” symbol emblazoned onto it.

Prodding at the door, it slid away, revealing an abandoned hidden lair of the notorious villain Vanguard! Darrin was astonished, looking over blueprints, ancient files, and schematics for a particular model of Vanguard’s armor.

Looking at those schematics, Darrin saw where he could make alterations, improvements. A few changes here and there, and he could have a suit that was more lightweight and within his capability to build. He’d need to add some conductive extensions to the arms to compensate for the electromagnetic thrust, but those could be made into weapons….and with those arm blades, it started to look a bit bird-like….

Darrin spent the next few months ignoring everything but building the suit. He kept it secret from his father, until it was ready. The Mark I Razorhawk Battlesuit. Darrin donned it on one auspicious night. He confronted his father, who was coked out of his mind, and used one of his blade feathers to slice open Kingston’s throat.

Darrin watched his father slowly bleed to death on the floor. He didn’t feel satisfied like he thought. He still felt angry and hollow. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. And when he told his brother, Rodrick just looked at him with disgust. He thought his brother would be happy, but instead, he couldn’t even look him in the eye anymore.

When the police came asking and the death got pinned on the mysterious armored figure, Darrin decided. He quit school and dropped off the grid, becoming a super-villain full time. He became Razorhawk, one of LA’s most famous super-villains.

Rodrick took a different path, and became an LAPD officer. The two didn’t cross paths until one fateful day in 1991 when Razorhawk was pinned down by the LAPD during a robbery gone bad. He was firing feathers indiscriminately, not knowing his brother was one of the officers present. When a feather grazed Rodrick and he went down, Razorhawk surrendered himself in grief and shame, thinking he had killed his brother. Rodrick did pull through, but the nerve damage from the stray feather meant he would never walk again.

Razorhawk stayed in prison until the Rodney King Riots and the formation of New Los Angeles. In the chaos, Darrin escaped, and met with his brother. He offered to make Rodrick a mobile exo-skeleton so he could walk again, but Rodrick refused. He would rather stay chairbound than walk because of the fruits of his murdering brother’s criminal behavior.

Dejected, Darrin dove deep into his costumed persona. He made contact with the re-surfacing Vanguard, and the two struck a deal. Vanguard would provide maintenance and upgrades to Razorhawk’s armor and give him additional suits to pass along to henchmen, and in exchange, The Razorhawks would act as Vanguard’s “eyes in the sky”, doing surveillance work in addition to traditional super-villainy.

This relationship lasted for many years, until Razorhawk was defeated, along with the rest of Vanguard’s organization, as a part of Operation Can Opener. First The Aviary and then Razorhawk himself was defeated by the super-team The Sentinels. Razorhawk stayed in federal custody until Vanguard’s “kill switch” was activated and the walls went up around the city.

STATUS: Active


The New Los Angeles Sentinels Heronator