Reptar II

The super strong son of the Ssynestran mercenary.


Hybrid Biology Despite his ordinary appearance, Reptar II possesses many of the same adaptations and powers inherent to his father’s species:

  • Superhuman Strength: Reptar is by far the strongest member of the Sentinels, thanks to his powers and intense training regimen. Despite this, his muscles have no more mass than is typical for a boy of his age.
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Enhanced Agility
  • High Gravity Adaptation

Trained in the School of Hard Knocks: Reptar II lacks his father’s mercenary training, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t picked up a few tricks. He’s wired into the New LA criminal community in a way no other Sentinel can match, and he’s taken the lessons his father has been able to pass along to heart.

“But he’s just a kid!” Reptar II looks like an ordinary human teenager. While he does express some frustration at the fact that he can’t seem to put on any muscle mass no matter how many protein shakes he tries to shotgun, his small size provides a unique advantage in combat.


Few people knew that Reptar had a wife and son, let alone a human wife and son. Reptar took steps to ensure that BETA and the NMAB never found out… not until the day he died.

His son took after his mother, blond hair, light skin. Perfectly human in every way… except for how he accidentally broke the doctor’s hand a few hours after delivery.

Blessed with the might of a Ssynesstran, little Daniel grew up in the shadows. His father’s mercenary work provided enough for his family to live off of, though the months of absence between visits wore heavily on the child’s heart. Reptar tried as hard as he could to make up for lost time, taking an active role in his son’s education and training. It was Reptar who taught Daniel how to use his powers. Reptar insisted his son learn to read and write, and spent much of his spare time training his son how to use his powers responsibly. Reptar taught his son a code of honor. How to use his strength wisely, and to never forget who he was fighting for.

Yet Daniel’s view of the world was tainted by the shadows of New Los Angeles. The police, and BETA in particular, were his enemies. They were the ones who would come to take his father away after a botched job. They didn’t uphold justice. They upheld the law. The only real Justice was what you could uphold yourself.

So when Morthos the Necromancer enacted a ritual to rid himself of Halflife’s influence, and the undead attacked and killed his mother, Daniel had faith his father would bring about Justice. That he’d make the bastard who did this pay, and come home and somehow make the pain stop..

But Reptar never came home. Daniel didn’t even find out he was dead until he saw it on the local news. The Sentinels had stopped the Necromancer, and his father lay dead in a Hindalgian Graveyard. There was no mention of the countless aliens the undead had slaughtered. No retribution for their deaths. He had been orphaned in a single night because the heroes had let his father died.

He was confused, heartbroken, and angry. Wasn’t protecting people a superheroes job? Why did his parents have to die, but the heroes got to live?!

His neighborhood, already in a poor state from the riots, was broken. The police wouldn’t protect him. The superheroes didn’t care if a few aliens got eaten.

Only he did. An angry, fifteen year old child with enough strength to bench a tank. If those bastards in capes weren’t going to give a shit about these people, then he would.

Adopting the moniker of his father, Daniel began a one man crusade in the LA slums. Extortionists and violent criminals would be found in back alleyways with broken bones. Everyone would always have the same bizarre story about getting attacked by a little blond kid.

Reptar II was able to keep his home turf relatively clear, until the superpowered Meathook attempted to take it over, drawing the Sentinels to his territory. Though Reptar II was initially hostile toward the heroes, he reluctantly accepted their help in driving back the Bio-Energy boosted criminal. Man of Valor explained the true circumstances of his father’s death, and the Sentinel’s role in laying him to rest, and Daniel’s anger toward the Sentinels was at least somewhat alleviated…

Since then, Reptar has worked with the Sentinels to defend the city on occasion, though he doesn’t consider himself a member. He’s still a very angry young child, but with time… perhaps he might become a hero after all.

Caperater: 4/10
Review Summation: Hampered by alien status, mitigated somewhat by human appearance, but further hampered by actively associating with his father’s identity, who himself was a super-criminal. Underdog, ‘power to the people’ persona keeps the score from being lower than it could be.

Reptar II

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