Scaly Space Shaman


Snakebite is a Drakith, a member of a mostly tribal, reptilian species of Clusterkin that occasionally display a talent for magic, from the desert world of Draka. For most of her life, she lived simply as shaman to the peaceful Redrock tribe.

The series of events that would eventually lead her to Earth began when the warlike, neighboring Ironclaw tribe attacked the Redrocks. Hopelessly outnumbered, ‘outgunned’, and otherwise outmatched, the Redrock tribe would easily have been wiped out — had their shaman, in a desperate effort to save her kin, not performed a drastic ritual to snatch at the strings of fate and pull them in the Redrocks’ favor.

Against all imaginable odds, the Redrock Drakith survived. However, in performing the ritual, their shaman had drawn the ire of Vilsimbra — the Drakith trickster god of misfortune, who now sought balance in the lopsided scales of fate by visiting misfortune and suffering upon the shaman. The shaman, for her part, (somehow) acquired a spaceship and set off for Earth, hoping that there on the progenitor world she could escape Vilsimbra’s wrath.

She found her way there, but she was not outside of Vilsimbra’s reach. Against other unimaginable odds, her ship — in perfect working order — suffered a fatal malfunction while entering atmosphere and spiraled out of control, crashing down right in the middle of the Walled City — much to the shock of the right-nearby New Los Angeles Sentinels.

The bewildered alien got swept along on their mission at the time and, not long after, Vilsimbra came calling. The shaman, now dubbed ‘Snakebite’, turned to the Sentinels for help, and together they defeated Vilsimbra in a game of chance, with the end result that instead of actively pursuing Snakebite and those associated with her, the trickster god would settle for occasionally sending his minions after them. Snakebite, partly out of a lingering obligation to make up for the trouble she created, has signed on with the Sentinels to fight crime on Earth.

  • I’ve Always Wanted To Do This
  • Bombs Don’t Discriminate
  • This Time It’s Personal
  • Counterspell
  • Change Of Scenery
  • Hello Dirt
  • 1-in-400, Awful Edition
  • What Is This I Don’t Even
  • Bronze Age Hero
  • And The Oscar Goes To
  • Malleus Malificarium
  • Take A Third Option

Caperater: 3/10
Review Summation: Inhuman looking, pagan-like magic/belief system, alien.


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