The Archer II

A Heroic Legacy


Metahumanity: Andreas Silman is a Class Three Metahuman, having directly inherited his father’s Metahuman powers:

  • Genetic Archery Skill: Andreas’ Optical and tactile senses work together in concert to greatly increase the accuracy of any weapon for which he can receive significant tactile feedback. Thus, The Archer is superhumanly accurate with a bow and arrow, as well as with properly balanced throwing weapons.
  • Enhanced Speed: The Archer can keep a running pace with most passenger cars.
  • Enhanced Dexterity: The Archer has Metahuman levels of fine manual dexterity and general hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Enhanced Thinking Speed: The Archer’s nervous system transmits and processes information faster than a normal human.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: The Archer possesses Metahuman reflex speeds, the result of his increased physical and mental speeds working in concert.

The Archer’s Bow: A collapsable compound bow made of high-impact next generation synthetics, The Archer’s bow is based on his father’s original designs but includes new technological advances, and is frequently added to or re-constructed to take advantage of any applicable technology Andreas can buy or develop.

Trick Arrows: The Archer has access to an ever-expanding array of trick arrows. This arsenal was initially developed through off-the-books embezzled funds by his father, the original Archer. With the advent of Cretan Securities, Andreas now profits directly from R&D done for the arrows, under the guise of creating better and better equipment for his private security force. Andreas’ current arsenal includes updated versions of his father’s arrows, along with some new designs:

  • Blunt-Tipped Ultra-Aerodynamic Polycarbonate Arrow
  • Magnesium-Tipped Flare Arrow
  • Rapid-Hardening Impact Foam Arrow
  • Industrial-Strength Acid-Head Arrow
  • Modulating Pulse Taser Arrow
  • Repeating Wavelength Ultrasonic Arrow
  • Grappleline-Zipline Arrow

Consummate Businessman: Andreas Silman is truly his father’s son, having inherited Leonard Silman’s startling business acumen. This allows him to effectively maneuver the corporate world, and to effectively manage his fortune, even with the increased financial burden of acting as an unlicensed vigilante.


Andreas Silman is the eldest son of the late Leonard Silman, better known as the famous New LA vigilante The Archer. After a whirlwind tour of Europe following a large acquisition by Silman Industries, Leonard met Theodosia Marina, a wealthy Greek heiress. The two quickly wed in a union that made every tabloid rag in the Western world. Andreas was born into the rocky celebrity marriage that followed, which eventually ended in his parents’ divorce and his father’s quick remarriage to his then-mistress. Andreas lived with his mother for several years until her death in a tragic scuba accident.

Andreas and his new stepmom didn’t get along at all. Andreas resented her for breaking up his parents’ marriage, and she saw him as a threat to her own children’s chances at inheritance. Wanting to keep Andreas out of the picture, she convinced his father to send him to a year-round ultra-exclusive private boarding school in the Hills. Andreas spent the rest of his formative years at that private hell of a private school.

In spite of his stepmother’s machinations, Andreas was later groomed to take over Silman Industries. His father saw his own business savvy in his son, and knew that he’d be a perfect fit to inherit his corporate empire.

Not wanting to leave his other children with nothing, Leonard devised a way to slice up his corporate holdings in such a way that Andreas would get the lion’s share, but his two children would still get significant holdings, and that the only way for them to keep the company running smoothly (and thus, keep themselves in the money) would be to co-operate.

After Leonard’s death in costume, Andreas found out his father’s dual life, and that the LA super-team The Sentinels helped keep his father’s identity secret to keep his assets from being seized by the government. Andreas soon began covertly acquiring his father’s technology, bases, and resources.

Before donning his father’s mask and taking up the mantle of the city’s most beloved hero, Andreas knew that he’d need a better method than his father’s embezzlement for funding his vigilante lifestyle. Selling off all of his mother’s holdings and converting them to liquid assets, he founded Cretan Securities, a private security company that uses the Archer’s proprietary archery-related technology. Able to do R&D for his heroic career under the guise of his new company, and able to recoup his losses by marketing the results, Andreas had a perfect and self-sustaining way to fund the continuation of his father’s superheroic legacy.

Achievement List

  • Overworked
  • Ten To Twenty Times The Size
  • Same Hero, Different Mask
  • Grabbing Aggro
  • Turncoat
  • Out Of Towner
  • Hello Dirt
  • Overachiever
  • Double Secret Probation
  • Hax
  • Dirt, We Meet Again
  • Tasting Asphalt
  • No Budget For Fight Scenes
  • Paper Thin Disguise
  • Dead Man Walking
  • I Get Knocked Down
  • Extra Credit
  • Screw The Rules, I Have Money
  • Running On Empty
  • I’ve Always Wanted To Do This
  • Insulated, My Ass
  • Walk On The Dark Side
  • Lightning Can Do Anything
  • Short Attention Span

Caperater: 6/10
Review Summation: Public announcement of backing by Cretan and registration with the government has created feelings of transparency and helped to boost public image.

The Archer II

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