The Circuitsmith

A knight of extreme skill and chivalry displaced from his home by travelling through a dimensional rip.


A dimensional storm in his land became a challenge, no man could near a tear in world and survive.

a rip in the world with a sword in the center brought warriors from ALL lands far and wide. Anyone who approached rip to grab the sword or not bombarded by rocks dust and more than any man or armor could bear.

Hoping to gain the fame as the one who grabbed the sword Sir Barius the Golden of the house of circuitry, known for their electric powered weapons brought his hope to their smith. His plan instead of a weapon,which they were known for, was armor unmatched by all. To help him through. The smith worked hard, and long and the armor was ready. The greatest art of the hammer made. but it was not enough. He took his knowledge of the circuits, the conduits of power that powered everything. With this he imbued his strength and resilience 10 fold! A still warrior in its own regard the armor was a feat. He showed his house his work and tested it against all challengers, he was faster stronger and one secret he told no one, he could fly. For this he was granted the title
“Circuit Smith”

He traveled to the rip and approached. He felt much pushing him away, but he could stop any rock no wind or strike could put him down. He neared the center, nearing his goal, the sword. he reached for it and he fell. He doesn’t know why, or how. But he fell. and awoke in a building, glass shattered and the sword on the ground. in a small pile of rubble. He pulled it. stood. and knew he was no where he knew.

The Circuitsmith

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