The Guardian

The Perfect Clone of the City's Most Hated Man


Clean Slate Clone: Guardian is one of several survivors of Project: Clean Slate; a project to create an immortal, godlike body for the Vanguard. All of Guardian’s physical and mental attributes have been optimized to a level of perfection suitable only for a megalomaniac. He is a towering, muscular adonis. However, he lacks many of his genetic donor’s powers.

Power Armor Tesla: Guardian has inherited a small portion of The Vanguard’s tesla knowledge, allowing him to create and modify suits of highly advanced powered armor on par with Vanguard’s own.

Guardian Suit: Guardian has adopted an unusual stance for a superhero, completely renouncing violence. His first creation is a specialized Non-Lethal Weapons Platform modeled loosely after Vanguard’s armor. In addition to the standard protective systems, the Guardian Armor has a highly advanced phasic energy projector which he can leverage in various ways to harmlessly subdue criminals.

  • Synthium Plating
  • Jet Boots
  • Life Support Systems
  • Phasic Energy Shield: A small barrier of phasic energy that resist all but the strongest attacks. It’s large enough to cover Guardian and any adjacent targets, allowing him to protect the weak from harm.
  • Non-Violent Combat Computer: Specially programmed from NMAB archives, this system is programmed with thousands of combat models for non-violently subduing foes. The suit lacks protocols for actual damaging combat, however.
  • Photon Beam: An uninterrupted beam of light precisely designed to overload the retinas for several moments. It also can function on a lower setting as a flashlight.
  • Kinetic Dispersion Field: A specialized “clingy” energy field that inhibits motion by safely spreading kinetic energy over a wide area.
  • Repulsion Gauntlet: A strong yet gentle pulse of phasic energy capable of knocking over a fighter without injury.
  • Vertigo-Inducing Resonance Pulse: Rapid pulses of phasic energy disrupt the inner ear, causing living organisms to become dizzy.
  • Technological Nullification Field: An electromagnetically charged field of phasic energy. It clings to technology, locking moving parts in place and disrupting electronics.
  • Gentle Strength: The Guardian Armor is incredibly powerful, capable of lifting several tons of weight with ease. However, the strength it exerts is carefully monitored to never harm another.

Ian Gardner’s first words were “Stop Fighting”.

Deep below Soloway Tower, Vanguard labored away at Project: Clean Slate in an attempt to gain immortality. Though he was ultimately unsuccessful, his research and progeny remained.

Timelapse, as part of his ongoing plot to destroy the Sentinels, recruited these clones to his side. Using data from another world, he unleashed an army of Matching Set clones onto the city, before unleashing a small army of Vanguards to destroy the Sentinels. In a last ditch attempt to save the city, the Sentinels sought out one of Vanguard’s contingencies for dealing with rebellions clones: the Patriarch Device.

Newly born and unable to even speak, CS-009 was coached into using the Patriarch Device to disable his villainous brethren, rendering the other clones helpless. With the invasion halted, the remaining Clean Slate clones were taken in by the Sentinels.

CS-009, affectionately named “Ian” by Hellion, learned quickly, his enhanced intelligent readily apparent. Within days he was forming complete sentences. Within a week he had already begun work on his first tesla project.

Ian is uncomfortable with violence. He refused to bring harm to others, and is determined to fight against his creator’s legacy. He views the Sentinels as his family, and is fiercely protective of his younger siblings. But can he really overcome the Vanguard’s legacy, or will he be doomed to walk the same path as so many clones before him?

The Guardian

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