Doctor Destroyer

Master Villain From Another Dimension


Genius: Doctor Destroyer is a polymath of an almost unprecedented scope. He designed his Destroyer armor and other technological marvels from scratch, and is a master of many fields:

  • Computers: Destroyer can create artificial intelligences as easily as most computer scientists can assemble a desktop computer. His inventions in the field of computer science could jump-start world computers by several “generations” of technology were willing to make them public knowledge.
  • Electronics: Destroyer is a wizard when it comes to manipulating electricity. He can design devices and circuits whose sophistication amazes others who forge super-technology. In many cases other, lesser, minds can’t even figure out exactly how his technology works or duplicate it.
  • Materials Science: Destroyer can design metals, plastics, and other materials far more advanced than any other in the world, most evident with his creation of the super-alloy Destreum.
  • Mathematics: Dr. Destroyer has solved many of the most advanced mathematical problems that still baffle the world’s number-crunchers. He has not revealed these solutions, however, feeling that if others cannot determine the answers on their own they don’t deserve to know.
  • Nanotechnology: Destroyer has wholeheartedly embraced the nanotech revolution, extending it far beyond what the other scientists of the world are capable of.
  • Physics: Destroyer has made advances in physics, particularly energy-related physics, that are the envy of engineers and weapons designers around the world.
  • Robotics: Destroyer is second to none when it comes to designing advanced robots, androids, and related devices. He has applied his knowledge to create his various legions and models of Destroids, Wardroids, Command Spheres, Biosynths, and Malledroids.
  • Super-Sciences: Few, if any, scientists are Destroyer’s equal when it comes to knowledge of the so-called “super-sciences” that form the basis of much of the world’s supertechnology. He’s an expert in dimensional engineering, density and size physics, force fields, gravitics, and even psionic engineering.
  • Languages: Besides his native German, Destroyer fluently speaks and writes a dozen languages ranging from the practical (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi) to the more obscure or scholarly (Latin, Sanskrit). If he puts his mind to it and clears his schedule of distraction, he can learn a new one to a conversational level of fluency in approximately two to three days (depending on linguistic complexity).
  • General Knowledge: Thanks to his flawless photographic memory and instant recall, Destroyer possesses a vast wealth of knowledge on an enormous variety of subjects. He’s an expert on such diverse subjects as history, philosophy, art, wine, mythology, literature, politics, and music. He’s visited every region of Earth and most of the planet’s major cities at some point. He’s deeply familiar with the goings on of the superhuman community, often through personal encounters, and also studies the espionage and military communities extensively. However, much of that knowledge remained obsolete during his tenure on the Sentinel’s Earth, and would be equally unapplicable should Destroyer visit other alternate dimensions.
  • Pilot: Thanks to the numerous hours logged in his armor and in simulators, Destroyer is one of the best human pilots. He is able to fly almost any type of aerial or space vehicle, be they anthroform (such as flight-capable power armor), personal, or larger scale. Although Destroyer is perfectly comfortable with extra-terrestrial vehicles within his own dimension, the same remains to be seen with the alien species of other worlds.
  • Biology and Medicine: Although he prefers the “hard” sciences such as electronics and computers, Destroyer is no less a master of the life sciences. He is fully capable of cloning, tissue and genetic manipulation, and other such feats, and is as skilled in medicine and surgery as some of the world’s foremost physicians.
  • Oratory and Psychological Manipulation: Destroyer knows the human mind extremely well, and is a master manipulator. This skill is the basis of the cults of personality that spring up around him wherever he goes. He can speak compellingly with his majestic tenor voice, often convincing his most implacable enemies that he speaks the truth.
  • Speed Of Thought: Destroyer possesses several inherant mental skills. He thinks somewhat faster than normal people, able to read with no loss of comprehension or perform mental calculations ten times faster than most. He also possesses an eidetic memory and instant recall, able to recite with perfect clarity exactly what he was doing at a particular time on a particular date, and never forgetting anything he has learned.

Destroyer Armor: Doctor Destroyer’s ultimate triumph is his Destroyer Armor. At its peak it was forged entirely from Destreum and further re-inforced with embedded force fields, while the shell was seeded with millions of nanomotors to flawlessly mimic and augment the movements of his body. The armor makes him as physically superior to humans and superhumans as he is mentally. The power source for Destroyer’s armor was a series of linked, ultra-miniaturized zero-point energy field generators. Together they provided the enormous amounts of electrical and other energies required to “fuel” his weapons, jets, and other systems. On several occasions superheroes have tried to find ways to “block,” interfere with, or drain his energy-generation processes, to no avail. Destroyer’s armor operated through a cybernetic command interface that allowed it to “read” and respond to his thoughts directly. This included extensive security systems to prevent anyone from removing it. If he did not of his own free will want to take it off, the security interlocks prevent from being removed from his body. The only way to get it off would be literally to crack it into pieces and peel it off him, and it was so strong that would likely take days.

However, much of the armor’s capability relied on certain select super-scientific principles that do not function (or function the same way) on every world. As such, Destroyer was not able to fully replicate his armor’s abilities on our world, as he lacked the necessary Tesla genetics to fully achieve super-science. While his finalized armor still had many of its old Pulson technology, Destreum/force field combination defenses, internalized security, age retardation, and auxilliary movement, sensory, and other systems, no part worked as well or as efficiently as it did “back home”.

Destroyertech: Doctor Destroyer is a master inventor, and even on worlds where such capability is somehow inhibited (such as by being a non-Tesla on Sentinel’s Earth) he is still able to make and manufacture amazing feats of technological wizardry that are far beyond the ability for the world’s scientists to understand. While primarily this means the forging of his armor, this also extends to him creating weapons and devices for his troops, creating Destreum, making his robotic legions, and so forth.


Doctor Albert Zerstoiten is a man from another world, one incredibly similar yet vastly different to the world in which The Sentinels inhabit. Born to a Bavarian doll-maker in 1917, Zerstoiten was an incredibly gifted boy. He learned to walk before his first year, spoke for the first time just weeks later, and was an accomplished reader by three. He consumed any academia he could get his hands on, and loved to hear his father’s tales of his family’s past as a proud noble line, particularly the warmongering Baron Zerstoiten.

By the age of twelve he had enrolled in university, and earned twin Ph.D’s in Physics and Mathematics. His intellectual arrogance, proud nature, and contemptuous dismissal of anyone less intelligent than himself earned him the enmity of all those he encountered. Still, that did not stop his brilliance.

In 1938, the SS strong-armed Zerstoiten into joining The Ministry for Weapons, Munitions, and Armaments after they saw his amazing research in weapons design. The Nazis gave Zerstoiten a fully funded laboratory and paired him with the rest of the party’s top weapons engineers (all of whom Zerstoiten despised for their comparative stupidity) to churn out miraculous designs for the glory of the Third Reich.

Zerstoiten’s research took a decidedly different turn in 1942 when he was brought the captured British superhuman Powerhouse, and later the American superhero Bulletproof, for testing and study. It began his lifelong fascination with superhumans.

In October of 1944, Zerstoiten knew Germany was headed for defeat. Aching for vengeance at the numerous slights against him (including that most grievous of crimes, believing one could order Zerstoiten), the Doctor made an offer to the OSS and British Intelligence, offering to reveal all he knew of the Nazis, his colleagues, and the secret laboratory at which he was stationed (keeping his private research secret, of course) and would work for the Allies in exchange for amnesty. The offer was accepted, and mere hours after he left, the facility was raided by a commando team.

Zerstoiten was swept into American scientific programs with several other ex-Nazi scientists as a part of Operation Paperclip. Zerstoiten continued with his weapons research, making gigantic leaps in everything from ballistics to explosives to germ warfare. As well, both in public and in private, Zerstoiten continued his research into the biological and scientific basis for superhuman abilities, and was granted a specialized laboratory with live test subjects by the American military for that express purpose. Zerstoiten kept most of his findings to himself, but even with the trifling amounts of research he passed along to his military handlers, the Department of Defense was able to create the first generation of American super-soldiers.

By 1949, Zerstoiten felt he had humored his “superiors” long enough. Killing those who had incurred his wrath in the intervening years via untraceable poison, Zerstoiten fled to a hidden villa in Colombia. In order to fund his research, Zerstoiten began to sell his weapon designs to the South American cartels, organized crime syndicates, and any mercenary who could afford them. The most bleeding edge of technology, Zerstoiten’s weaponry was prized above all else by those familiar with them, and they were arguably the best weapons produced by anyone at the time. Dictators, terrorists, mercenaries, gangs, drug runners, and supervillains all became completely beholden to Zerstoiten and his miraculous technology. At first, he was known only as “The Doctor”, but soon be became known by the rough English translation of his name. Doctor Destroyer.

As the years went on, Destroyer saw the rising trend of technological heroes; superhumans who relied not on inborn genetic abilities, but on gadgetry so advanced it seemed to defy physics. Destroyer realized that he would be able to become the equal of those superhuman buffoons, through indirect technological enhancement of his body. Something to make his physical form equal to his mighty intellect.

Days after making this realization, he emerged from his lab with an amazing new device. A suit that contained all of his technological wizardry up to that point. Doctor Destroyer had invented power armor.

In 1966, deciding that his new invention needed to be properly field tested, Destroyer flew to New York in a super-tech stealth jet of his own design, and descended to Earth by tractor beam, clad in his gleaming golden suit of armor. He began systematically destroying buildings to attract the attention of the local superhumans. After handily beating and blasting New York’s superhero population into unconsciousness, Destroyer returned to his jet and left, his field test a success. The media dubbed him “The Golden Gladiator”, and it would take more than two decades for the world to make the connection between that mysterious figure and Doctor Destroyer.

Beginning in 1975, Doctor Destroyer announced himself to the world. He had turned his network of contacts into a fully trained private army, and he had re-designed his armor for a more menacing and regal appearance. He became the most powerful and feared super-villain on the globe, and each plot brought him closer and closer to planetary domination, and within each defeat, Destroyer excised more and more flaws in his equipment and methodology. He had launched a successful ground invasion of California, created dozens of secure and concealed fortresses around the globe, broke the back of VIPER, one of the planet’s most powerful crime organizations, created a fully functioning true AI from scratch, re-designed and upgraded his armor countless times to incorporate countless new discoveries, and even managed to successfully rule the entire planet for three months in 1984 via a network of mind control satellites. Doctor Destroyer was able to consistently bring the world to the brink of domination, forcing all others to unite against him.

In 2011, a cosmological quirk would put Destroyer on the road to ruin. While drafting his latest and greatest scheme to dominate the globe from the confines of Zuflucht, a base built inside of a large asteroid in the Asteroid Belt, Zuflucht was engulfed in a storm of dimensional activity. A Dimensional Storm, a largely unrecognized phenomenon on Destroyer’s Earth, surrounded the asteroid base, sending items and components scattered across dimensions. Destroyer himself was ripped from his armor and hurtled through the multiverse, emerging unarmored in New Los Angeles.

It was a world that was similar and dissimilar. There were superhumans, but the subtleties of their function; the quirks of magic, the rules of super-science, the ways in which genetics gave birth to Metahumans, were all different enough to render much of Destroyer’s working knowledge worthless. But it was similar enough that what Destroyer could do could still change the world.

But Destroyer was not as ready for this new world as it was for him. The Vanguard, using a captured Korkavian as an unwilling seer, was able to foresee the coming of Destroyer, and had agents waiting to capture him. Once more, Doctor Zerstoiten was forced to labor for the benefit of others, passing his robotics and weapons designs onto The Vanguard.

Zerstoiten was liberated by The Sentinels, who were unaware of his true nature. He quickly turned on them, using a hacked-together subpar version of his power armor. He was defeated, but did manage to escape.

Nearly overnight, Destroyer became a force to be reckoned with in the New Los Angeles underworld. Villains defected from their own organizations and flocked to his banner, but he was stymied by The Sentinels at every turn. After thwarting several of his plans, Destroyer had finally had enough. He took control of one of Vanguard’s scientific facilities, and used it to build a functioning inter-dimensional gateway. He mapped out a half dozen worlds from which he could build a massive army, and launch a full scale military campaign against his own Earth and The Sentinels’ Earth. He was prepared to become the master of all the myriad Earths that scattered the multiverse.

Destroyer was ultimately thwarted by The Sentinels, with the help of the repentant Morphean. The destination finder was disabled and the portal activated prematurely, and Destroyer was sucked up into the resulting vortex. Gripping onto the edge of the gateway, The Morphean closed the portal, the barrier between worlds sealing right around Destroyer’s arm, leaving his right hand and partial forearm on The Sentinels’ world.

The fate of Destroyer is unknown. His final destination was unknown, and the possibility of his return remains a real and grave threat.

STATUS: Banished (Comic Book)

Doctor Destroyer

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