Doctor Jiro


Metahuman Surgeon: Jiro has a Metahuman affinity for performing surgery, and supplements that with actual surgical training. His medical knowledge not pertaining to surgery is spotty at best, made only worse by his intermittent insanity. However, he is a specialist in Superhuman Anatomy, and is fully versed and capable of handling the sometimes unique surgical needs of superhumans.

Robotic Frame: Jiro’s brain tank is wired into a robotic frame that gives him full independent mobility, as well as superhuman strength and durability, and access to the robot’s on-board systems, such as integrated weapons, sensory arrays, databanks, and the like.


Antoine Jiro was born with the ability to help people. A Class One Metahuman with a genetic knack for medicine and surgery, his parents initially thought that there was something wrong with their child, who spent his time dissecting insects and lizards; until one day when he witnessed a car crash and his innate skill kept three people alive long enough for paramedics to arrive.

Jiro’s skills allowed him to breeze through medical school, and once he graduated, he was headhunted by WASP. He was trained as a battlefield medic, and specialized in Superhuman Anatomy. He spent most of his time at WASP outposts and facilities, treating superhuman assets who had been injured in the field. However, one incident would change his life forever.

In 1999, Jiro was attached to a team of WASP superhumans who were hired for a black operation by the US government. A pair of US super-villains, Madstroke and Rip Jackal, had been deployed to Southeast Asia on an off-the-books operation. However, the two villains had gone rogue, and WASP was called in as wetworks to clean up the mess. As both villains had significant super-powers, Jiro was sent along to keep the team patched up throughout their mission.

What Jiro saw there changed him. Madstroke and Rip Jackal had torn through an entire village, slaughtering the inhabitants in a shower of gore. Jiro had never seen so many people brutally dead in the same place. After his stint with WASP was finished and he returned home, he began to delve into ways to help people overcome injury and, ultimately, death. His delving became an obsession, and he slid further and further into madness. Eventually, he plunged off the deep end, completely abandoning his Hippocratic Oath and joining up with the Disciples of Vicktor. He soon rose to the status of Paragon, leading the efforts of the Disciples in New Los Angeles.

After several encounters, he was defeated by The Sentinels. The super-team kept Jiro (reduced to a brain and connected eyes after being extracted from his patchwork body) in their base, and slowly rehabilitated him through many long talks (primarily with The Pumpkin King, with whom he spent many hours in the base with), slowly working him back from the brink of sanity.

The Pumpkin King saved Jiro (along with a data back-up of the base’s computer) when The Sentinels base exploded in Vanguard’s Final Attack. While The Pumpkin King acted temporarily as a solo vigilante, he wired Jiro into a robot sent from the timeline from which Goldenrod originates, giving Jiro a robotic body. Jiro is now a member of The Sentinels.

STATUS: Active

Doctor Jiro

The New Los Angeles Sentinels Heronator