Kinetic Speedster


Super Speed: Komet can move at superhumanly fast rates. Exact limits are unknown, but he typically moves in the 100-300 MPH range, and has been clocked going up to 1000 MPH. Because Komet is directly manipulating his own kinetic energy instead of running, his body expends very little energy in his movement and he can sustain his fast pace for an extended period of time.

Enhanced Physiology: Unlike many speedsters, Komet possesses enhanced strength and enhanced toughness. Although not as strong or tough as many “brick” type Metahumans, his abilities allow him to stand toe to toe in melee with many Metahumans.

Kinetic Speedster Aura: When Komet moves, his kinetic abilities solve many of the issues of enhanced speed for him. Excess energy (such as the heat of air friction or a sonic boom) is absorbed into the aura and are used to help fuel his abilities. The aura reduces air friction, and slows down small amounts of air as it nears him to allow him to breathe normally. As well, this aura creates a skin level force field that helps protect him from injury. However, this aura is only active when he is in motion.

Speedster Combat Training: Komet has been taught by Korps martial arts instructors on a smattering of moves and techniques that are designed to be used when in motion at high speeds. This makes Komet a particularly dangerous combatant when he is moving.

Impact Plating: Across Komet’s arms, shoulders, and chest are specially treated plates of Synthium inserted into his costume. This armor is designed to allow him to withstand the tremendous impacts his body endures when he slams into opponents.

Armored Costume: In addition to his impact plating, Komet’s costume is made of a body armor weave, granting him some additional protection.

Kinetic Blaster Gauntlets: Komet wears specially made gauntlets that siphon and store minute amounts of kinetic energy, allowing him to fire ranged blasts of kinetic energy.

Mask Lenses: The lenses in Komet’s mask allow him to see into the infrared spectrum in addition to his normal sight.


Komet is a costumed Metahuman working for the Storm Korps’ Dragon Branch, their specialized division of combat specialists that is composed entirely of “super-villains” who work for the organization, existing outside the ordinary rank and file of the Korps. Komet was an unawakened AGM Metahuman when he was recruited, and was given the option of by-passing Hell Year in exchange for some experimentation. The Korps poked and prodded, but were unable to determine any specific predisposition towards any given set of super-abilities. Thus, a member of the Amalgamated Sciences who was studying him simply leveled a blaster pistol at his head and fired point blank.

Komet’s biology kicked into overdrive as his AGM sequence activated, and he sped his way out of the path of the energy blast. The limits of his powers were tested, and the technical staff cranked out a few pieces of specialized equipment for him. Initially called The Kinetic Comet, and shortly later just Komet (both as a shortening and to keep with the Korps’ spelling tendencies), he had the power to move at superhuman speeds by manipulating his own kinetic energy. He was given specialized impact plating inserted into his costume along key contact points on his body, allowing him to easily slam into opponents at high speeds. He was also given a pair of gauntlet blasters that channeled his kinetic energy into ranged blasts, to give him a tactical ranged option. Finally, the lenses of his mask were outfitted to see into the infrared spectrum.

Komet is one of several members of Dragon Branch more or less permanently situated in New Los Angeles, going from base to base and operation to operation within the city as they are needed. However, unlike the other local members of Dragon Branch, Komet was left behind when the Storm Korps evacuated their key assets from the city as the walls were going up. Komet is unsure of the reasons and thinks it must have been an oversight, and that rescue will be coming as soon as possible. In reality, Komet’s slightly cocky and macho attitude rubbed Kommandant Lasher the wrong way, thinking the speedster to be an insubordinate who challenged his authority. As such, Lasher ensured that Komet was left behind, and he hopes the kinetic speedster will be dead by the time the Korps return to the city.

Komet wears a costume issued by the Korps, consisting of a black bodysuit with red boots, kneepads, and belt. He has a stylized Storm Korps symbol over his chest. He wears a chinless facial mask outfitted with his infrared lenses. Over the costume he wears his blaster gauntlets.

STATUS: Active


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