Kov Ruka


Ultravision: Kov Ruka is a Class Two Metahuman with the ability to see into the ultraviolet spectrum.

Martial Arts: Kov Ruka is a skilled and formally trained martial artist. He practices a hybrid style that primarily combines elements of boxing and Brazilian jujitsu.

Marksman: Kov Ruka is a military-trained sniper and marksman, and has a keen proficiency for firearms. He is a capable sniper even in adverse conditions such as poor weather.

Military Training: Kov Ruka is a well-disciplined soldier due to his years in the Red Army.

Acrobatics: Kov Ruka’s love of certain extreme sports has given his an aptitude for stunts and displays of acrobatic prowess.

Body Armor: Kov Ruka wears military grade body armor. This was given to him by The Revenant and replaces his former armored costume.


Jaromil Novak was born into a poor Czech village in 1967. Were it not for his Metahuman ability, Jaromil would have stayed a nobody. Luckily for him, he was born with the ability to see into the ultraviolet spectrum, effectively allowing him to see at night.

Jaromil joined up with The Red Army, and with his power, became a skilled night-time sniper, serving in several brushfire wars. He grew disillusioned with Communism and with the military, seeing the atrocities his fellow soldiers committed under orders and voluntarily.

Jaromil deserted his post in 1987 while serving in Syria. He fled across the border to Israel, and went to the US Embassy seeking political asylum. After telling the US government all he knew about the Soviet Union and the Red Army, he was given a new identity, Jeremy Vickers, and re-located to Los Angeles.

Wishing to put his past behind him, Jaromil eschewed guns of all kinds. He began to study martial arts, and threw himself into the world of extreme sports. He excelled, and soon began his own small business as a sky-diving instructor, as well as acting as a sensei in his dojo.

When the Riots hit and the city became New Los Angeles, Jaromil knew he needed to do something. Over several months, he planned out a new training regimen and designed a costume (padded with some body armor he purchased online), and soon, he hit the streets as the martial artist vigilante Kov Ruka (roughly translated as The Iron Fist in his native Czech).

Kov Ruka

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